Your galactic guides

Katie Todd & Emily Trinkaus



fell in love with astrology at age 13, upon reading Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, and has practiced professionally since 1999. Her gift is to translate the complex language of astrology into relevant and inspiring information you can use for growth and healing.

Emily’s background includes a B.A. in English from Brandeis University and an M.A. in Women’s Studies from Emory University. She has also trained in several healing modalities, including BodyTalk and Polarity Therapy, and is a certified writing workshop leader in the Amherst Writers & Artists method.

For many years, Emily wrote a popular astro-blog at, and her writing has also appeared on and She is a regular contributor to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and her article “Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine” was reprinted on She is the author of Creating with the Cosmos.


KATIE is an Energetic Healer and Artist. Her signature energy work features a unique body-centered process that accesses your essential self, clears emotional baggage, and downloads transformational breakthroughs.

Katie’s paintings actively radiate calming superpowers that shift your personal energy and that of your space. See her art at, and learn more about her energy work at


Emily and Katie have collaborated on Full Moon Galactivations since September 2012, and co-founded the Galactic Priestess Academy in 2016.