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Underworld Descent of the Venus in Aries Warrior Goddess, May 19-Nov. 17

The next Venus Revolution Immersion will begin in early 2018

Listen to the preview call – Venus-Inanna at the Gate of Authority – for a taste of this Immersion: listen now. You’ll get an overview of Venus’ new Aries cycle, and learn about the 1st Gate as a portal of initiation, and how you can work with it in your own life. You’ll receive in-depth Venusian guidance, as well as an astro-perspective on the Crown chakra, associated with the planet Saturn. (the recording is about an hour)



venus in ariesOn March 31st, Venus started a new 19-month cycle in Aries, animating the fierce feminine, wild woman and warrior goddess. Venus in Aries catalyzes courage, commitment, aliveness, leadership and erotic power.

This will be the last Venus in Aries cycle in our lifetimes!

In this Venus Revolution Immersion, we’ll uncover and unleash our fierceness, passion and creativity in service to the Earth and all beings.

It’s time, Sisters. What the world needs now is women standing in our power, a revolution of love in action.


“I have journeyed in this Venusian Temple this past year and it has been like taking a long dip in a magical healing pond. It has been truly life changing. I love and honor and celebrate myself as a woman, and all women, as never before.”


Venus-Inanna’s Underworld Descent: Clearing Blocks to Personal Power

venus underworld descentThe story of the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, directly mirrors the astronomical cycle of Venus.

Over the next eight months, Venus the Morning Star gradually sinks closer and closer to the horizon, eventually disappearing. This phase of Venus’ cycle correlates with Inanna’s descent to the Underworld.

At each Gate to the Underworld (Venus-Moon conjunction), Inanna surrenders one of her “vestments,” until she arrives naked and humbled, stripped of all outer trappings of power.

In this Immersion, we’ll work with the Gates as portals of initiation. Each Gate correlates to a chakra, and as we move through each energy center, we’ll uncover and dismantle any blocks or distortions that suppress your fierce feminine fire.

You’ll receive in-depth Venusian astro-wisdom, as well as an understanding of the energy system as it specifically applies to women’s bodies, conditioning and history. You’ll also receive suggestions for working with Venus at home – altars, rituals, and other practices.


During our 7 months together, you will:

  • deepen and expand your understanding of the feminine through the lens of Venusian astrology, energy anatomy, mythology, history and culture;
  • learn astrology as a feminine art and practice, in a unique, fun and experiential way;
  • receive support for dismantling your “inner patriarchy” and activating your Warrior Goddess.


venus in ariesAll women are welcome, at all levels of astro-knowledge (including beginners)


“I have so much gratitude for all I have learned here. My life is certainly changing with my new awareness, power and wisdom of the feminine and all I have learned.”


You’ll receive:

  • 13 live 75-minute video classes via Zoom; all classes will be recorded
  • A bonus class with Emily showing you how to find the Gates in your own birth chart, and what that means
  • Fun and creative Venusian homework suggestions to deepen into the material between classes
  • A pdf handout for each Gate, with details about how to work with it
  • Participation in a “secret” Facebook group to connect and share with other Venusian Revolutionaries
  • The option to pair up with another Venusian Sister to practice together and support each other


“I love these immersions! The sisterhood, the education, the wisdom, the guidance, etc. is amazingly powerful, inspirational, and grounding. It is unlike anything else I’ve experienced but it’s something I have craved.”


venus in aries

Listen to the preview call – Venus-Inanna at the Gate of Authority – for a taste of this Immersion: listen now (about an hour)

“Emily is a truly gifted teacher; open, sensitive, articulate and authentic. She has such a deep understanding of the astrological archetypes, that I continue to learn from her, even though I am a professional astrologer myself.”

“You opened a doorway or portal to allow the full remembrance of my Divine Feminine energy – the ancient piece of truth, wisdom, and royalty – into my current incarnation.  Thank you for opening your heart so I and others might be transformed.”

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Emily is High Priestess of the Venus Revolution, serving as a translator and voice for Venus.

When I heard the call of the reemerging Divine Feminine, I chose Venus as my starting point for getting to know the Goddess. I’ve devoted the past five years to research, which has ranged from scholarly to up-close-and-personal, and has included diverse sources – historical, fictional, channeled, mythological and experiential.

Teachers of the feminine mysteries along the way include: Mama Gena (aka Regina Thomashauer), Pamela Madsen, Elayne Doughty, Layla Martin, Jennifer Posada, Anaiya Sophia, Andrew Harvey, Lucia Rene, and Therese Charvet and Tere Carranza.

My younger self completed an MA in Women’s Studies at Emory University. Although I came out of that program more confused than ever about the feminine, I did hone my research and writing skills.

The Venus Revolution grew out of my research and supports women to uncover, remember and embody their Goddess selves.

Early on, Mary Magdalene appeared as a guide to support my Venus project. I uncovered explicit links between Venus and Christianity’s “hidden goddess,” and you can read my findings in the article: “Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine.”


Collages on this page are by Emily; photo of Emily by Debbie Baxter