Venus Ignited

Venus Ignited: Rise of the Fierce Feminine  
An astro-writing workshop with Emily Trinkaus & Jen Violi

Saturday, March 25, 10am-4pm in SE Portland, 8 (hot)spots available


venus in ariesOn March 31st, Venus will reappear as a Morning Star, heralding the start of a new 19-month cycle. Venus will rise in the sign Aries, animating the Warrior Goddess and empowering the fierce feminine in all of us throughout this new cycle. This will be the last Aries Venus cycle in our lifetimes!

In this workshop, Emily will illuminate the astro-details of the Venus in Aries cycle, and how you can tap into this cycle to amplify your feminine power. You’ll also find out which area of your own birth chart (and your own life) is being activated by Venus’s new cycle, and how you can work with it.

Fierceness reveals itself in many faces, and voices. We’ll play with the sharp and pliant edges of warrior woman words, and Jen will guide you in crafting a unique battle cry for the coming months. We’ll also stop at Aries’ favorite fueling station and write exuberantly into our desires.

Join us, sisters, for sustenance of words and stars, writing and ritual. Together we’ll stoke the fire of our intentions and initiate our warrior goddess selves into inspired, courageous action.

Investment: $155
Includes: potluck lunch (gluten-free and dairy-free main courses + tea/coffee provided)


Join us! Only 8 spots available and they will fill up fast!

jen violiJen Violi is the author of Putting Makeup on Dead People, a BCCB Blue Ribbon Book, and finalist for the Oregon Book Awards.  As a mentor, editor, and facilitator, Jen helps writers unleash the stories they’re meant to tell, from blogs to websites to award-winning books.  Find sanctuary for your story at