Venus Direct! Class Resource Page

venus station direcctWelcome! Here you will find charts, handouts and the class recording for Venus Direct! Rev Up for Renewal in Love and Money



Venus stations direct, April 15th: venus direct station

Venus stations retrograde, March 4th: venus retrograde station

Kim’s chart (example chart winner): kimberly_chart




Venus retro handout and worksheet: venus retro handout and worksheet

the astrological houses: Houses handout


Here’s the replay:



This is a time-lapsed image of Venus Retrograde.

The upper line of the “S” is when Venus is in her pre-retrograde shadow (in this case, when she first moves from 27° Pisces to 13° Aries).

The middle line is when Venus is actually retrograde, and reversing back through the same degrees of the zodiac. The orange dot in the center is the Venus-Sun conjunction (which happened on March 25th).

The bottom line is the post-retrograde shadow – where we will be for the next month, April 15th-May 19th. This is when Venus moves from 27° Pisces to 13° Aries. This is our time to integrate, synthesize and start moving forward with our insights from the retro cycle.



Recent Venus Retrograde cycles in Aries/Pisces (due to Venus’ 8-year cycle):

March 7-April 18, 2009, Venus was Retro from 15° Aries to 29° Pisces
March 9-April 20, 2001, from 17° Aries to 1° Aries

Note that these Venus Retros activated the same houses in your birth chart as the current Retro cycle, stirring up similar themes and issues.


Tgoddess of lovehe 13-Moon Oracle card I “randomly” picked for this class: The Goddess of Love (super-Venusian!).

Ariel Spilsbury (channeling Venus in Pisces) says:

“The presence of the Goddess of Love asks you to open up to more love in your life, to expand your definition of love. And no matter where you are on the continuum of blooming the tight bud of conditional love that you might have held yourself in, congratulate yourself, because just the fact that you are working with this oracle indicates that you are moving into the phase of fruitful ripening and blossoming in unconditionality, in the ways you approach your life and relationships!

“However, this archetype counsels you not to wait for the final blooming. Break out the pink champagne and mangos to celebrate the beauty of the journey! Be sensitive to opportunities within your daily life, to heal perceptions that trigger the eroding emotions of jealousy and comparison in your mind. Be willing to follow them to their root in fear of hurt and loss in love or beyond that to the terror of Emptiness.”

“Unconditional love feels like an overwhelming sensation of surplus, overflowing energy that can’t be dampened or stopped.  Unconditional love is not some dry spiritually unattainable state. Just for this moment let go of your grip on how you’ve defined love and recognize as real in this moment, a love that has nothing to do with permanency, nor stability of relationships, a love that flows into the container of the moment in freedom.”


And here’s the Louis CK video I mentioned in relation to the Venus-Saturn-Chiron alignment and the pain of disconnection from the divine feminine – if god is our father, where’s our mom? (I couldn’t find it, but Cindy did, yay!) Starts at about 5:50: