Tips To Get You Through The Airport Quickly

Flying is the fastest way to get to a far away destination, but getting through the airport can seem to take forever. Long gone are the days where you could run through the airport doors 15 minutes prior to your flight and still make it. Nowadays, it is impossible to have your loved ones see you off at your terminal as well. All of these new security measures are supposed to help keep us safer, yet the process can really hold you up. This article will give you some great tips for getting you through the airport as quickly possible.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time, in case you encounter long lines. Lines can get pretty long at the ticket counter, as well as at the security checkpoints. Getting to the airport two hours prior to a domestic flight and four hours prior to an international flight ensures that you have plenty of time to make your flight on time. Arriving to the airport late and getting stuck in a long line could mean missing your flight. Do yourself a favor and give yourself extra time, for this will equal less stress.

If you are only taking a short trip, consider packing everything into your carry on. This will help you avoid any checked bag fees, and having to wait for your suitcase after the flight. Most airlines allow you one carry on, one personal bag and a pocketbook or laptop case. Doing your best to fit everything in these bags can allow you to step off the plane and go right to your destination.

If you are bringing any fluids in a carry on, they should be in bottles no bigger than 3 ounces and should be put separately in a zip lock bag. Keep this bag readily accessible, since you will need to put it through the x-ray machine by itself. Your laptop must also go in its own separate tray. Remember to take off any metal jewelry, belts, empty your pockets and take your shoes off. Making sure you take these steps will ensure a quick trip through the security check point, and save you the embarrassment of making the metal detectors go off.

Unless you have a substantial amount of time before your flight, try to stay around your gate as much as possible. This way you will be sure to hear announcements for gate changes, delays or if they call your name. If you are too far from your gate and they change it to one on the other side of the airport, you might not make your flight on time by the time you find out. Keeping close to your gate will ensure you get on the right plane to your destination, on time.

Getting through the airport can sometimes be the hardest part of your travels. Take the stress out of the whole airport experience by following the simple tips from this article. Being prepared can mean the difference between getting to your destination, and getting stuck at the airport.