Spring Equinox- Eclipse Special Galactivation

Spring Equinox Call Recording + Follow Up

Thank you, Priestess, for participating in today’s special Equinox Galactivation! Here’s the link to the recording:

Spring Equinox/Solar Eclipse Galactivation Call

You can either listen online, or download the recording (mp3 file) and save it to your computer. The recording will be up and available to listen to and download for 30 days (until April 19th). After that, it will be made private, so please download it before then.

Please respect our offering and do not share this recording.

Our next Lunar Galactic Activation will be Thursday, April 2nd for the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra. You can sign up here, or take advantage of our Subscription Special – just for those of you on this call. Become a subscriber for 6 months and get one bonus Galactivation, or 1 year and get two bonus Galactivations! In addition to this special discount, as a subscriber you’ll have access to our private Facebook Virtual Galactic Temple forum, where you can mix, mingle and enjoy ongoing connection with the other gorgeous priestesses in our community. Also – all new subscribers can bring a friend (two friends if you subscribe for 1 year) to one Galactivation for free!

Emily’s FREE preview call, Venus Revolution: Rising through the 4th Gate, is coming up this Sunday. You’ll learn about working with Venus as a transmitter of Divine Feminine energies, and her current conjunction with the Moon, her “4th gate.” Sign up to be on the live call (or listen to the recording). And, if you want support for working with the intense energies of 2015, you can purchase Emily’s 2015 Forecast Your New Year class, a 3-part series with over 4 hours of recorded astro-goodness plus worksheets.

Your galactic guides,
Emily & Katie