Winter Solstice 2016


Into the Mystic

Winter Solstice on December 21st marks both the darkest day of the year and the rebirth of the light. In the fertile dark, we go deeply inward, focus our intention, and plant our vision seeds for the new solar year.
Take a time-out from holiday busyness and join us in the Virtual Galactic Temple to access and amplify the regenerative potential of this mystical power time. Emily illuminates the astro-highlights for the next three months, offering practical suggestions for surfing the wild cosmic currents. Katie works her energy-healing magic, and give you energetic support for starting 2017 feeling deeply nourished and connected.

“That was an amazing Solstice Galactivation! So chock full of great astro info and such a beautiful and deeply moving session of Katie magic!”

“I truly enjoyed this Galactivation.   It was soothing and just what my soul needed.”

In this 4-minute audio excerpt, Katie helps you connect with and own your LIGHT.


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