Virgo New Moon: Reap and Refine Your Harvest


The Virgo season marks the harvest, the time of year when we reap what we’ve sown. As our creations come to fruition, we see very clearly what’s working and what’s not. We draw on the Virgoan skill of DISCERNMENT to determine where we need to make adjustments and changes, and what we need to just let go of – so that we can focus on our true priorities.

In this 70-minute class with Emily, you’ll learn how to harness the power of the Virgo New Moon cycle that started September 19/20. You’ll learn about the larger cosmic context for this New Moon, including how this cycle relates to last month’s Leo Solar Eclipse. And you’ll receive guidance for navigating the stressful planetary dynamics at play.

In this 5-minute excerpt from the call, Emily talks about the strong energy of Virgo (five planets!) at the New Moon, and the power of focusing our attention. Listen now.

In the full recording, you’ll learn about the strong energy of OPPOSITION active during this lunar cycle, the balance and integration of Virgo and Pisces (hint: SURRENDER), the intentions and new beginnings most supported during this cycle, and much more..