Virgo Full Moon Galactivation


Pre-Equinox Spring Clean!

The Full Moon in Virgo is the last Full Moon of the astrological year – a time for clearing out whatever you DON’T want to bring into the new cycle.

In this Galactivation, you’ll receive a thorough “cosmic colonic” cleansing of your physical and energetic beings from Katie and the Galactic Guides. You’ll also get help with digesting, integrating and synthesizing the tremendous changes you’ve been going through these past few months.

Emily illuminates, in Virgoan detail, how you can make the most of this Full Moon to prepare for Spring Equinox rebirth, including info about the current Jupiter-Pluto square and Venus Retrograde (love and money issues, anyone??).

Here’s a 5-minute astro-excerpt on Saturn’s involvement with the Full Moon and the theme of BOUNDARIES: listen now.

The full 84-minute Galactivation gives you much more astro-wisdom from Emily, plus deeply healing and enlivening energetic support from Katie and the Galactic Guides. Plus some very practical (Virgo!) exercises you can do to empower your Full Moon transformation.

The Full Moon energies will peak on March 12th and will continue to be potent for at least the next week! Get support from your Priestess Sisters to ride the wave of change with greater trust, flow and ease.

Energy is not limited by time or space, so you can fully receive the Galactivation power through the recording.


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