Virgo Full Moon Galactivation 2016




The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to shift out of over-working and sacrificing self-care into allowing for more pleasure, fun and ease. To give Wonder Woman a rest and bring your Galactic Priestess online.

In this Galactivation, in addition to getting Emily’s download about the current astrology, you’ll hear Katie’s personal story of surrendering her pattern of proving herself through hyper-productivity and perfectionism. You’ll be inspired by how she opened up to her Soul’s calling and honored Little Katie through pleasure and rest.

In the powerful energy work on this call, you will get submerged into the mysterious magical waters of the sapphire-blue Galactic Temple Priestess Pool, where you will release and dissolve out-dated patterns and strategies that keep you stuck in push, strive, struggle mode. Get support form your Priestess Sisters to re-do how you do, stretch your capacity to receive and experience pleasure.


” Oh my god/dess, this Galactivation call was AMAZING! I think this is one of the best ones *ever*”

“That was very powerful and resonated with me on so many levels. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences as well. And I feel such relief…I have had so much shadow Virgo stuff, feeling guilty for being too indulgent with myself, and now I can step back and see some that as just energy and not an indication of my “failing” (whatever that even means).” 

“What a wonderful call, and so important – a new feminine, integrated way of being Earth/manifesting. I felt deeply seen and held by my new, strengthened inner awareness.”



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