Taurus Full Moon: Uplevel Your Worthiness and Receptivity



This year’s Taurus Full Moon – peaking November 3rd/4th – is extra-potent: it coincides with Samhain, the cross-quarter Gate of Power when we honor our ancestors and have increased access to the spirit realm; it triggers the Eclipses that occurred in August; and it’s a Super Moon – when the Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth.

In this lunar transmission from Emily, you’ll learn how you can work with the Taurus Full Moon to realign with your priorities, honor your body, and raise your standards in how you love and value yourself. 

Check out this 4-minute excerpt for a preview.

In the full 48-minute recording, you’ll be guided to feel the Taurus-Scorpio axis within your body (throat and genitals), and you’ll receive a BodyTalk energy-balancing session to support you in expressing your sexual needs. You’ll also learn about Venus’ opposition to revolutionary Uranus, the Saturn-Chiron square (culminating at the Full Moon), and the healing potential of this Full Moon. 


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