Scorpio Full Moon Galactivation


The Scorpio Full Moon brings to light emotional depths and core desires.

We’re emerging out of a period of multiple retrogrades characterized by confusion as we’ve undergone deep inner dismantling and reconfiguration.

Now, as we get ready to move forward again, this 85-minute Galactivation will help you access your present-time soul-level truth.

You’ll learn about balancing and integrating the Taurus-Scorpio polarity – what makes sense on a practical level vs. what FEELS right in your gut; staying in your comfort zone vs. walking your edge; and self-reliance vs. merging energies and resources.

Katie will guide you on a sacred, subterranian Scorpio journey to realign with the depths of your emotional truth, and do some foundational repatterning.

You’ll also find out about the major shift of the North Node from Virgo to Leo, and receive energetic support for opening to more Leonine love, play and fun.

Listen to this 6-minute Galactivation excerpt, where Emily talks about how you can work with this Scorpio Full Moon to gain clarity that will help you move forward. Listen now.

The full 85-minute Galactivation gives you much more in-depth astro-insight into the current cosmic influences! And, these Full Moon energies are in effect for the next week. Get support from your Galactic Sisters to move out of mental freakout and deepen into a state of rest, calm and TRUST.


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