Sagittarius Full Moon Galactivation


Holy momentum! 2017 is ON.

The Sagittarius Full Moon catalyzes the Fire Grand Trine, revving up our enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity and willingness to take risks. And Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, turns direct (forward) as the Full Moon peaks. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and as it comes out of retrograde, opportunities that have been brewing back stage are ready to come front and center.

In this 80-minute Galactivation, Emily offers practical guidance for making the most of these fiery, expansive cosmic currents.You’ll receive insight into how to balance and integrate the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, and how to work with the energies of Saturn, Neptune and Chiron – also active at the Full Moon. We explore themes of boundaries, grief, trust and truth.

Katie will guide you to clear the veils of confusion, illusion, conditioned beliefs and whatever else is interfering with your ability to know, trust and act on your inner guidance. And, you’ll tune into and energetically align with your most FUN future possible. What if this could be your funnest summer ever??

To get a taste of this Galactivation, and receive support for opening doors to your personal universe of fun, listen to this 6-minute excerpt. Katie’s energy work will help you wash away your rules and “shoulds” that block your flow of fun.

In the full 80-minute Galactivation, you’ll receive much more energetic support for aligning with the highest potential of this Sagittarius Full Moon, plus in-depth astro-guidance from Emily.


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