Pisces Full Moon Galactivation 2017


The intensity of Eclipse Season is winding down, but you may still feel very much in the DARK. All the changes, the many endings and beginnings, have left us with a backlog of emotions to process. Before we can find our clarity about how to move forward, we need to take a time-out to FEEL, digest and integrate.

In this call (September 5th) we hold a container for feeling the backlog of emotional energy,  dissolving and digesting all of the eclipse intensity and changes.  You’ll receive a major releasing and purification of the past, leading you into an energetic readiness to step into the limitlessness of new possibilities.

Katie draws on the power of the Pisces Full Moon to bring in a relaxed and restful flow, and to support you to embody deeper trust.

Emily illuminates how you can best navigate the current and upcoming astro-influences, offering guidance for the rest of September.

In this 5-minute Galactivation excerpt, Katie and the Galactic Guides offer support for metabolizing the emotional backlog, releasing feelings we’ve absorbed from others, and softening our resistance to WHAT IS. Listen now.


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