Neptune in Pisces



Are you grieving, feeling overwhelmed, ready for a change but lacking clarity about what’s next? Neptune in Pisces, 2012-2026, calls you to dissolve the old structures, reconnect with your soul’s truth, and open your imagination to bring forth a new vision.

In this 60-minute Galactivation, you’ll receive practical astro-wisdom to keep you afloat during Neptune’s long journey through Pisces. Held in a powerful container, you’ll get to fully submerge into Neptune’s energy – grieve your losses, honestly feel your feelings, and empty yourself.  Then you’ll get to relax in your galactic hammock, consciously surrender, feel Neptune connect with you personally, and gift you with ecstasy, bliss and vision.

Galactivators said:

“Oh My, that was the best energy session I have experienced! Neptune really showed up in a Magical way during this call today and I want to thank you both, Katie and Emily, for permission to luxuriate in that Realm.”

“I felt like being in a belly, swimming in the Great Mother!”

“Very powerful. I had a simple, but meaningful vision during the energy work. And I felt unwound in a way I haven’t in a couple of months.”