Libra New Moon: Radical Rebalancing and Peace Within Chaos



The New Moon in Libra (October 19th) calls us to examine and investigate our relationships, not only with others but also our highest selves and with the divine. It’s time to open ourselves to new relationships, or get an enlightening new perspective in an existing relationship.

The New Moon precisely opposes revolutionary Uranus, challenging us to find our Libran peace, balance and harmony within ourselves as chaos continues to swirl around us – in the world and our personal lives. The Uranian activation can also help us break free from shadow Libran fence-sitting, co-dependence and being too nice – and expand into greater freedom.

In this 5-minute excerpt from the call, you’ll get an introduction to the Uranian themes of this New Moon, and learn about the Aries-Libra polarity of dynamic balance. You’ll also gain an understanding of this New Moon within the context of the powerful Uranian energies we’ve been experiencing all year. Listen now.

In the full 55-minute New Moon transmission from Emily, you’ll get more in-depth astro-guidance for harnessing the power of the Libra New Moon, to support you to create successfully in the coming moonth.



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