Libra Full Moon Eclipse Galactivation 2016


Holy intensity! The Libra Full Moon is a super-charged Lunar Eclipse, stirring up pressure, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and free-floating freak-out. Are you feeling it??

In this Galactivation, Emily gives a Virgoanly detailed astro-download about how you can work with these wild cosmic energies. Katie guides you to clear out stress, confusion and self-judgment about moving slowly or feeling stuck. We shift the energy in Libra-ruled relationship-land by realigning with our sense of self, anchored in our bodies.

You will receive a Goddess activation of Divine Feminine beauty, pleasure and radiance, bringing in more confidence, clarity and trust for your process.

Get support form your Priestess Sisters to relax into and pleasurably trust the magical unfolding of your life. Mid-Galactivation, one of our sweet Sisters wrote in and said:

“You two are not even done yet… and you are both bringing so much good and strength and LOVE into the world in this work and I feel so held in it and am so, deeply, thankful. Especially today but I think of the work you do more than once a day and it brings so much warmth to my outlook and to what feels possible. Thank you thank you thank you.”


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