Leo Solar Eclipse: Play A Bigger Game



The Leo Solar Eclipse is a super-potent New Moon that calls us to step into more of our genius, authenticity, leadership and creativity – to play a bigger game. The Eclipse plants a seed that will grow over the next six months and even the next 19 years.

This astro-download from Emily was intended exclusively for the current Lunar Creation Circle, but inspired by the positive feedback from the group, and the desire to share this valuable and unique Eclipse perspective, we’re making it available to our broader community.

In this one-hour recording, you’ll receive:

  • a uniquely feminine astro-perspective on the Eclipse in relation to world events
  • insight into what this Eclipse is calling forth from us as women
  • how the current Mercury Retrograde interacts with this Eclipse and how to work with its energy

Praise for this call from Lunar Creation Circle Sisters:

“Thanks so much for an amazing class today Emily!! They have all been incredible, but this crazy eclipse has been rocking my world and today’s call really helped me feel the strength and love out there for us all right now, despite it all.”

“I know this goes without saying, but what a fabulous class again today Emily!! Wow. So much was confirmed and so much learned. My neurons were super active creating new pathways between information pools!”

“Just listened to today’s class.. thank you!! Bring on the eclipse… So much info I needed to hear today… so filled with gratitude, and peace.”


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