Leo Lunar Eclipse Galactivation


Step Out of the Drama and Into Your Creative Power

The Leo Lunar Eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon that stirs up strong emotions and lights up our SHADOWS.

Shadow Leo is living large on the world stage – tyranny, bullying, egomania, arrogance…. It takes strength and courage to respond with high-vibe Leo: centered in our hearts, shining the light of our true selves, and stepping into leadership as powerful agents of creation.

In this Galactivation, Emily explains how to tap into the higher potential of the astro-energies activated by the Eclipse. Katie and the Galactic Guides help re-set your nervous system out of fight/flight/freeze, so you can RESPOND rather than REACT and be a more effective creator. You’ll also replenish your heart with courage, strength and peace.

Listen to this 4-minute Galactivation excerpt, where Katie helps you tune into the energy of fight and resistance in your body, and notice how that keeps you stuck in (and contributing to) the old paradigm. She offers an alternative approach – to hold the vibration of the new story and BE the energy of love. Listen now.

The full 80-minute Galactivation gives you detailed astro-wisdom from Emily, plus deeply nourishing and restful energetic support from Katie and the Galactic Guides. Give yourself the gift of support to strengthen your system – and get fortified for more astro-intensity is on the way….

Energy is not limited by time or space, so you can fully receive the Galactivation power through the recording.


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