Gemini Full Moon: A Turning Point in Perception



The Gemini Full Moon, peaking December 3rd, kicks off a month of reflection and integration as this year of wild change comes to a close.

Supporting us to slow down and review, Mercury, ruler of Gemini, turns retrograde just before the Full Moon, conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. We might be getting a reality check in terms of our limits. Have we committed to more than we can accomplish? Have we overextended ourselves and now need to pull back our energy?

Also powerful at this Full Moon is Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, in a harmonious trine with Neptune. Doorways to higher consciousness are opening, and we can make strong progress in our spiritual understanding and growth.

The shadow side of Neptune is also available – illusion, confusion, distraction and denial. Slowing down, quieting our minds and dropping into a deeper level of knowing is key to discerning the truth. Our dreams and intuition have important messages for us right now.

In this 50-minute astro-download, Emily illuminates all the details about this Full Moon. A group BodyTalk energy balancing session clears the fear of not knowing, and the fear of making the wrong decision.


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