Gemini Full Moon Galactivation 2016


The Power of Your Peaceful Mind

The Gemini Full Moon amplifies the power of your mind – for better or worse. You might find yourself falling into worry, anxiety, distraction, hamster-wheel-mind-spin, and a stream of neurotic, negative thoughts.

The higher potential of this Full Moon is to call forth your inner Magician and harness your mental powers to create tangible results. The Full Moon squares Chiron in Pisces, pointing to healing the wound of separation as key to accessing a higher state of mind.

Get Emily’s juicy Virgoan astro-details about the current cosmic events – including Jupiter’s ongoing interaction with Uranus and Pluto, and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Receive Katie’s energetic support for plugging into your high-vibe Gemini Magician self, dispelling the distractions that drain you, and connecting to your own knowing.

Listen to a 4-minute excerpt and Katie calls in the Galactic Guides to balance and harmonize the left and right sides of your brain, and to help you open to receive Uranian insights. She teaches you a simple trick for getting out of mental loops and into a more peaceful (and enjoyable!) state of mind. Listen now


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