Capricorn Full Moon Galactivation 2017


The astrology of this summer is HOT! We’re already in the fiery flow of momentum, feeling the call to take risks and expand in new directions.

And the Full Moon in Capricorn is stirring up all kinds of FEELINGS about our expansion, especially FEAR.

The Full Moon is conjunct underworldly Pluto, helping us align with our soul’s mission while also dredging up intense emotions from our subconscious depths.

In this Galactivation, you’ll connect with the Grandmother Guides to support you through the intensity and help you tap into your own wisdom and power. You’ll also receive time to “space out” and simply BE with all the churning emotions, allowing them to move through you as your body rests and relaxes.

Learn how to work with this Full Moon as a gateway into the fiery astrology of the next few months. Listen to this 5-minute excerpt to learn how you can best align with and navigate the upcoming Eclipses. Listen now

In the full 80-minute Galactivation, you’ll receive much more astro-wisdom and energetic support for harnessing the transformational power of this Full Moon. Energy is not limited by time or space, so you can fully receive the Galactivation power through the recording.


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