Aries Full Moon – Anger, Action and Desire



There’s a lot of planetary intensity right now, and the Aries Full Moon (October 5th) is kicking it into high gear! Every Full Moon is the emotional peak of the month, and in fiery Aries, it’s stirring up the HOT feelings of anger, passion and desire. The Moon opposes the Sun in Libra – shining the light on relationships of all kinds, which are up for rebalancing and course correction.

Mars and Venus, the rulers of Aries and Libra, unite at the Full Moon, the image of the sacred marriage – the union of our inner feminine and masculine. In Virgo, Venus and Mars are the high priestess and priest, who channel and ground the Full Moon fire through their bodies, and direct that powerful, transformative energy in service to humanity and the Earth.

In this 55-minute call with Emily, you’ll receive guidance for navigating the Full Moon and Mars-Venus conjunction for growth, healing and success. We explore both the high-vibe utilization of these energies, and the shadow potentials. And, you’ll receive a group BodyTalk (energy healing) session, to rebalance your relationship with anger and desire.


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