Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Galactivation 2017


The long-awaited, much-hyped, super-fiery astrology of August is here and we are IN IT! 

In this Galactivation, Emily illuminates the cosmic mandate for CHANGE that we are swirling in, as we approach the August 7th Aquarius Lunar Eclipse. Super-Aquarian Katie guides the group through potent energy work to help our minds and bodies adjust to the radical shifts.

Listen to this 6-minute Galactivation astro-excerpt and learn why this Eclipse is an especially powerful portal for letting go and clearing the past – and why it feels so very emotionally challenging. You’ll also learn about the specific Aquarian arenas where change is being called for. Listen now.

In the full 80-minute Galactivation, you’ll receive much more in-depth astro-guidance from Emily to support you in navigating the August Eclipses. Katie’s energy work will help you clear mental constructs, and attachments to the group mind, that are blocking you from fully embodying and shining your Leonine Divine Light.

These Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies peak on the 7th, but will be in effect for the next 6 months and beyond! Energy is not limited by time or space, so you can fully receive the Galactivation power through the recording.


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