Capricorn Full Moon Galactivation 2016


Dance through the Chaos, Get Nurtured by the Grandmas
In this Galactivation, Emily illuminates the wild astro-energies for this lunar cycle, and offers navigational guidance. Katie helps us welcome, shake up and move through the crunchy, crabby discomfort and frustration so we can open up to the wisdom, healing and nourishment of the Galactic Grandmas. The Guides help us transform our relationship to time, and realign to the bigger flow of cosmic time.

Get support form your Priestess Sisters to move through the chaos and move forward with greater flow and ease.

“After this Galactivation, I feel centered, connected, comforted and calm. I really felt held and hugged in the Galactic Grandma’s energy of unconditional love.” 

“The high vibration Capricorn energy that came through for me was very empowering! I feel more confident and clear.”


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