There are more benefits than I can name from this program! The leading benefit is that I have established a daily grounding practice that I learned in the Deep Dive where I connect with the center of the Earth. This has a very stabilizing effect that nourishes me and supports me in destabilizing situations.

Kate Eskew

Portland, OR, , Welcome to the Joy (R)evolution

Wow, that call was amazing! I’m blown away by how the full moons are guiding me now as I begin to own my power in my life and in my relationship. Moving from – this or that? – yes or no? – to merging energies and money…makes me feel like it is my personal full moon time! Cheryl


I want to extend my gratitude for you powerful women and your beautiful gifts. I have listened to several Full Moon Galactivation calls, and they have been perfectly timed and spot on. I especially felt a powerful healing shift in this second Sagittarius Full Moon call. I could get into all the details and synchronicities, but then I would never stop writing. Just know it is perfect, received, and deeply meaningful. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Chantal Partridge

Houston, TX

Dang, that was really really great! I love the work you do and how well you compliment each other. I totally appreciate your real, down-to-earth, playful and spunky styles and how you activate and articulate the deep magic of astrology in a very truthful and grounded way. It’s a pretty unique thing that you have going! Lisa Reinhardt

Nevada City, CA

I am deeply moved each month with the full moon Galactivations! Thank you for all you are doing! You are incredibly powerful and beautiful and I am filled with appreciation each time I hear your voices. Audry Worster

Brooklyn, New York

As I reflect on what I am grateful and thankful for in my life, I can not let one more day pass without saying thank you to both of you. How you connect women to women and help create such goodness in their lives. Emily for the reading I had with you and believe me I remembered your words. Life changing. So thank you both, you two amazing women who help women find their strengths, maybe their hidden talents and you empower them to go for it. Cathryn

Oregon, Action Center Event Space

I’ve felt so nourished, heartened, and inspired! Alyson Greene

Tucson, AZ, Sacred Nature Retreats

I enjoyed the call very much. One thing I was pleasantly surprised by is that I was able to feel the power of the energy work even though at the beginning of the call I was distracted by something else. I felt the need to be multitasking at the beginning of the call, and I could STILL feel the energy work, which was amazing and cool. It really helped me feel the value of doing this work in groups. Speaking of which, I also like gathering as a group of women at the full moon. It feels like a very historically grounded thing to do. I took notes on the stuff Emily said and it all seemed very relevant to me. I had ideas and insights popping. Very much looking forward to the next one. Mandy B.

Truckee, CA, Embright

Thank you both for doing this! I was a tad wary about how the energy work would ‘take’ over the phone, but I had a great response. One thing that came up that I didn’t expect was the breast work and how much I needed it. A couple of years ago I found a lump in my breast and went through the process of mammogram/ultrasound etc. and what really helped me was the healing people in my life. An herbalist friend helped me make the connection between a lifetime of non-consensual care taking and holding resentment in my chest because of it. When we were doing the focused energy work there, I realized how I have been ignoring myself and my own needs and it was good to have those few minutes of attention. It was such a great experience! Colleen S.

Brooklyn, NY

I really felt the energy moving and clearing things in my body. Potent call! Megan


I got so much value from the calls, processes and shares in the Facebook group. During the Deep-Dive, I was hired by a small company that is a dream come true. I received a bonus check for a thousand bucks. I signed a new, freaky, wonderful client for a 6 month coaching program, for which he paid $3400 up front, the most I have ever charged or made. I led my first collaborative workshop with a Dream Coach had 5 participants and it was super powerful and we made money. Connected and receiving more of myself, my mystic, oddball, weirdo, artist, visionary, non-conformist, poet, shaman, powerful, abundant, magical self. Looking forward to letting these aspects guide and shine! Cara Cordoni

San Francisco, CA, Flashlight Coaching

To have a community of like-minded women to connect to monthly around my favorite astral body, the moon, is great. I love the astrological update and the energy healing is fabulous. It’s amazing how what is said each month seems to resonate so well for me. Thank you! Sam Salenger

Portland, Oregon

I wanted to thank you – so incredibly much – for the personalized session you did with me at the end of the call…!  It was really amazing, as was the whole call in general…. So I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you! AND… two days later I found out I landed a tenure track job… which is kind of amazing. Litia

Mexico City

The galactivation was very powerful for me. Many things have shifted since then! Tracey


What an amazing call! I woke up this morning feeling edgy and angry, then I listened to the call. I turned my amethyst bio-mat up to full heat and so enjoyed the clearing, releasing, and honoring and acceptance. I now feel like a different person. Your Galactivations quieten some of the egoic insanity, and bring forward the beauty and light of our souls, allowing us to be true, and shine. A big thank you for what you share with us! Suzie Alloway

East Sussex, England

I would’t want to miss out, even for a moment, the wonderful community of goddesses and the energy we’re creating in the world.

Beth Cavagnolo

New York City, NY

Dear Emily, Katie and Kris, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all you are sharing in this mentorship. Thank you for holding the light and the space for all of us to gain clarity on our visions and for encouraging us to continue to dream and to create regardless of what is happening in our outer lives.

Sandra Wenrich

Lake Oswego, OR, Deep Harmony

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in the past six months of Galactivations and communing with other priestesses via the Facebook Full Moon Galactivation sisterhood. It’s been a calming, grounding, enlightening and heartening experience and I wanted to let all three of you know how much I appreciated being a part of this community, and the unique gifts that each of you brings to it.


Portland, OR

I am hoping these lovely ladies conjure up some more special events! The community and sessions are powerfully healing.

Nishaan Sandhu

Lexington, KY, Nourish Mind Body Spirit

I want to thank you for your Galactivations, as they have been deeply meaningful to me! They are such a touchstone in my month and really have helped me connect to myself and the moon in a deeper way. I’ve had the most incredible experiences and visualizations. This is some very powerful magic juju you two have going with these sessions! Thank you! Sidra Quinn

Portland, OR

From the deepest places and all that basks in the Light, I thank you. Each and every Deep Dive call has moved me in ways that I still can not explain. I am so entirely grateful for you both and all the priestesses holding the space for one another. Meghan Brookler

Seattle, SPDroots

Thank you so much for a beautiful and powerful galactivation! It was super helpful and insightful! Maya


The call was great. It explained so much of what is going on with me right now, and why I did not sleep last night, or have felt energy buzzing around in me all day! Also why so much inner work had to be done on my end to make sure I am really ready to move forward without any of the old stories in my head. Of course coming out of retro has me wondering what will be…and your class gave me the reminder of tuning in to the source, and allowing me to be my guide. Lisa


Thank you for the profound galactivation class today! It was deeply healing for me. I feel as though a weight has been finally lifted. I am immensely grateful to you both for your work! The class was truly life-changing. Alexandra Hope Flood

Jamestown, RI, A flood of hope (+humor)

Emily is a wealth of astrology knowledge, combined with Katie’s energy work, well-it’s a potent combo for sure! What a great way to stay in tune with the energies and be intentional! Erin

Thank you, Grand Galactic Priestesses for the Best Ever Galactivation session. Emily’s astro report was exceptionally relevant and meaningful to me this time. Even through my spacey, emotional, fatigued, confused state, I could understand her simple, clearly communicated information. Katie, your visuals of tendrils reaching down and out to the center of Mother Earth, and the hammock morphing into a vibrating energetic web supporting and holding and swaying, were magical and mystical and easy to visualize… Later that night, I listened to the recording again while the full moon beamed me. So Cosmic! Bonnie


Thanks so much – my breasts feel much better – I had a great experience on the call today. I found my ‘mother’ self really nurturing my little child/soul self – it felt good! I’m very impressed with both of you and the energy you have to put forth into the world to heal the feminine. We are better off for having you amazing women on this planet! Katy Lyons

Hawaii, Delicious Maui

GREAT session today. I loved every minute of it! It was so incredibly powerful. Janet


I learned things that I will take with me for forever! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Yolanda Carter

Great time this morning! Really awesome you two!! Absolutely! Looking forward to the next full moon. Debbie


I just finished listening to the full call, and I greatly enjoyed it! I had to exit the real-time call and was so appreciative that I could go back and listen to the full call. That day, I was feeling blah, and within an hour of listening to the call, I was so upbeat and happy, even singing. You both rock! This was my first call, and I knew immediately that I wanted to join in this group monthly, and signed up for the full year! The knowledge you passed on was immensely helpful, even a lay person, like me, understood it simply and fully. It’s a beautiful thing that you both do, bringing knowledge to people which enables, and empowers them to care for themselves. Truly inspiring! MB

New York

I really enjoyed the call. It was great to hear that the things I was feeling were making sense. You really got me when we apologized to ourselves for “ignoring ourselves for so long.” I was crying. It’s really cool how you an Emily team together! Brittany