I feel very supported by the gentle structure that the Circle provides. It supports me in showing up for myself and for life itself with the help of this sacred container. It’s also more fun to tune in to the lunar cycle with a group of fellow magic women. And I’m supported by the insights that you’re providing, Emily, they’re immensely inspiring and encouraging on my path. Alyson Greene

It helped me stay aware of the natural cycles… and come back into tune with ease whenever I found myself pushing or resisting. It provided me with a wealth of astro wisdom which was presented in a practical and easily accessible way…. I enjoyed being a part of a powerful transformational energetic field and an empowering sisterhood. Eena

Information on the astrological weather forecast of the time was articulated the best of any other astrologer I read or listen to. Sharon

I think I feel more tuned in…more a part of something…and this has given me (perhaps intangible) courage in my regular life to keep opening and shifting towards spirit. Litia Perta

Deeper practice of experiential wisdom means I am more in touch with my body and intuition. Practice setting intentions and paying attention to cycles of growth and decay means I have developed more compassion for myself which brings out more compassion for others. Creative awakenings and ability to see patterns that I have the choice to let go of. Trisha Heald

I’ve felt so nourished, heartened, and inspired! Alyson Greene

Tucson, AZ, Sacred Nature Retreats

I’m not sure if you fully get how critical and powerful you truly are, especially in the cycle of Venus (the Divine Feminine energy) taking her rightful seat at the throne of Sovereignty. I feel so blessed that you helped me – no, it’s not helped, it’s more like you opened a doorway or portal to allow the full remembrance of my Divine Feminine energy – the ancient piece of truth, wisdom, and royalty – into my current incarnation.  Thank you for opening your heart so I and others might be transformed.  You truly are a way shower and your ancient lineage light is beaming through. Dani Palacio

Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance Emily – you’ve certainly been a catalyst for an exciting new journey into the divine feminine for me, and I love how my Venusian light has grown stronger and brighter during my time with the group, and how I now celebrate it daily in myself and the wonderful women I meet. I have become quite a passionate advocate for ‘getting in touch with the divine feminine’! Thank you so much, to you and the beautiful women who have journeyed together and brought so much inspiration, openness and warmth to bear. It’s certainly been a nourishing and illuminating experience. Caro

I got so much value from the calls, processes and shares in the Facebook group. During the Deep-Dive, I was hired by a small company that is a dream come true. I received a bonus check for a thousand bucks. I signed a new, freaky, wonderful client for a 6 month coaching program, for which he paid $3400 up front, the most I have ever charged or made. I led my first collaborative workshop with a Dream Coach had 5 participants and it was super powerful and we made money. Connected and receiving more of myself, my mystic, oddball, weirdo, artist, visionary, non-conformist, poet, shaman, powerful, abundant, magical self. Looking forward to letting these aspects guide and shine! Cara Cordoni

San Francisco, CA, Flashlight Coaching

I’ve been meaning to write you since minutes after my first session in this new Venus group because it was SO INCREDIBLE! I so loved everything you had to say, felt so energized by it, felt like it was SO RIGHT and like I’ve been casting about in my world wanting to hear it all so badly… and there it was… It was really beautiful. It was really so extraordinary and I felt so held… I can’t tell you how much this means to me or how relieved I was to finally sign up and find this home. Truly what you’re doing is so deep and I’m so blessed to be able to be a small part of witnessing and participating in it. L.P.

Emily and all the Venusian sisters, I just wanted to say how much this program and group have meant to me. You’ve been a HUGE source of support and witnessing during my big shifts…. Emily, your teachings about Mary Magdalene and Venus have connected so many dots that were never connected during my Ph.D. or all my years of research. So, this is both grounding and expansive. Watching you all grow and expand as I was growing and expanding was so rewarding! Thank you, Emily Elizabeth Locey

Thank you for your course. It was really moving and useful and exciting to be a part of a revolutionary temple. Nice to know I have sisters in the revolution giving rise to the divine feminine. This course also helped me realize that that is my goal and life’s work as an artist and healer. Janie

Thank you beautiful ladies for opening your hearts and sharing your experiences! Thank you, Emily for your wisdom, honesty, love and fearlessness. I learned so much and all of your courage and presence helped me through this transition in my life over the last 8 months. Thank you and many blessings!!! Alexis

I loved circling with my Venusian sisters each month. I felt safe to express what I was going through, and…as it turned out, all of us were going through something similar. Decoding the sky with Emily was so wonderful, as it helped map and explain the old adage: ‘as above, so below.’ Pure magic, in my opinion. Going into the underworld to reclaim oneself is a divinely feminine process, essential  to reclaim one’s own Divine Feminine and bring forth healing to the world today, and all the more powerful to have circle of women in which to do the work. Erin Houlihan

What did I get by participating in the Venus group? That when you’re ‘looking through the eyes of love,’ things – flowers, birds, people – speak to you more clearly, more profoundly; that there are so many ways of loving and different objects of desire.

How did your relationship with the with the feminine change or grow?  Firstly, it grew by realizing many other people think of Venus as so much more than a spiritual Barbie, or as Lola, seductress, from Damn Yankees – ‘Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets.’  I thought that I was in a minority there.  And, second, that it was OK to be kind and gentle to my body and not act like I was a Spartan. And take pleasure in the physical side of life, especially chocolate!

What did I enjoy/love about the experience? – that it approached Venus from a lot of angles – her myths, her journey in the sky, how she resonated to us, looking at our charts and how her energy poured through us in our artistic offerings.

Thank you, Emily, for following Venus’ calling and summoning us all to the class.

Christine Cook

On many occasions, it has helped me understand things I was feeling/experiencing that I thought were just “me.” And I love the community of supportive and loving women in the Circle.

The Lunar Creation Circle has given me the gift of pleasurably deepening my own living relationship with the heavenly bodies and a beautiful temple of sister travelers to brighten my journey immensely. Participating has been heart-opening, fun, inspiring, and transformative. It helped me strengthen my spiritual muscles, added flow, ease, and grace to my journey, and encouraged me to trust my own rhythms and cycles ever more deeply. I’ll always be grateful for it! Kristin Kuhn

I’m less reactive and more centered. I understand the energies at play and am able to use them intentionally and with focus. Beth Cavagnolo

I feel attuned to the earth, other people, and especially the women in the group, and I really think the astro context helps me to make sense of current events in my life and in the world! M.W.

The circle has been a huge part of my astrology education, through the calls as well as the discussion. It has also helped me be more intentional in my life by offering a structure for regular intention setting. Plus it helps keep me sane by often naming what I am feeling:) Kristine Backes


It’s amazing how my new moon wishes starting the energy moving or actually had things happen and manifest in my life easily!   Tara V.

Being better at “trusting in the universe” by being more aware of the forces going on has magnetized me for the right things showing up at the right time. Annie H.

It’s given me a sense of grounding, of greater context, of sisterhood/communion. It’s reaffirmed and drawn out the fullness of me as a woman/goddess/priestess. And probably so much more! On a practical level, it’s given me at least two monthly touchstones, and allowed me to develop practices rooted in the natural and magical worlds. Jen Violi

Portland, OR

I just wanted to say that you have done a phenomenal job. The richness of the information, the interweaving of themes and I’m sure the deep transformation that many of the venusian sisters in the group have done under this course is something to be truly grateful for. Such a wealth of knowledge and elucidation that we get from listening to the calls! I really appreciate your heartfelt work you put into this. Vanessa Couto

I absolutely loved the Venus Revolution Immersion. As a practicing astrologer, I enjoyed the new insights that Emily brought, and also liked that the class was geared to everyone—not just those of us with astro knowledge. Emily is so passionate about the Venusian topics we covered, and so clearly grateful to be a channel for the divine wisdom that flows through her! I loved the community we formed and the opportunity to grow and learn as a woman and as an astrologer. Fabulous, would highly highly recommend! Elia Seely

I have so much gratitude for all I have learned here. My life is certainly changing with my new awareness, power and wisdom of the feminine and all I have learned here. Roberta

The Venus Revolution introduced me to astrological and shamanic knowledge that I found both inspiring and expansive. I loved exploring the astrology of the moment and the current transits, particularly as they relate to the planet Venus. Emily is a truly gifted teacher; open, sensitive, articulate and authentic. She has such a deep understanding of the astrological archetypes, that I continue to learn from her, even though I am a professional astrologer myself. We were introduced to evocative priestess rituals that I found so moving, that I have incorporated some of them into my daily spiritual practice. Emily turned me on to many valuable resources that I really resonated with, and which I never would have known about. She definitely does her homework, and there was an enormous amount of original and excellent content. The Facebook group was also a surprise. There were so many talented participants, who shared gorgeous artwork and meaningful insight. The Divine Feminine is increasingly manifesting on our planet, and this very experiential learning with Emily fostered my connection to this energy, enabling me to be more fully of service to her. Judy Tsafrir, MD

This experience has been life-changing for me. You have all blessed me with a new paradigm of presence and warmer brighter light into this world. Suzanne

I learned things that I will take with me for forever! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Yolanda Carter

During Emily’s Guided by Venus group the priestess within me was awakened and my life was changed. I connected with my soul’s purpose and deepened my understanding of the feminine. I loved learning and growing with my fellow Venusians and the support that we gave to one another. Walking into the mystery of Venus and allowing her wisdom to unfold infused my life with beauty and meaning. Thank you, Emily, for creating a sacred and safe place to be vulnerable and to embrace radical personal growth. You are amazing! Steph Wilder

This process has helped me to make a personal connection to Venus and so to bring more pleasure into my everyday life. And it has given me a better understanding of myself which was what I really needed! Ann

I loved being a part of Emily’s Venus Revolution. Each class was filled and overflowing with valuable and inspiring knowledge as well as practical tips to help me connect with and embody the divine feminine (in my own way). Being connected with the other women in this virtual temple was a wonderful support. So much wisdom, support and love was shared as we connected through the Facebook group. If you are looking for a rich, soulful experience led by a brilliant, divinely inspired leader, then give yourself the gift of joining the Venus Temple today. Sandra Weinrich


As a woman that’s been around for a while, there was a smoldering, persistent anger within me about the “state” of what it means to be a woman. I wanted a way to explore my own expression of being a woman (yin/feminine energy) in an environment that didn’t project societal expectations of conformity to a “norm” or make it about rejection of men (yang/masculine energy). This fascinating study of feminine archetypes through the gateway of Venus presented a way for me to understand how the current collective-psyche came to be and in turn, each class was an excavation to chip away those limiting constructs to redefine and claim my own expression. I haven’t lost my smoldering anger about the “state” of women, but I now better understand how we got here and I have an inner-balance about my own feminine archetype.

Emily presents and shares her work of the deeper archetypes of the Divine Feminine through the gateway of Venus. This is work that goes way beyond what most “traditional” resources provide. Going all the way back to the earliest Divine Feminine (before patriarchal revisions), her work engages you to connect with how that Divine Feminine wants to be expressed through you. I highly recommend this as way to understand the re-balancing masculine / feminine revolution happening in the world and within yourself.

Angela Rider

Participating in Emily’s Venus group allowed me to connect with a group of wonderful women and to the voice of Venus herself within me. Learning more about Venus as a planet, as well as her goddess archetypes, helped me tap into her power and reclaim a part of myself that had been lost and exploited in a vortex of patriarchy and capitalism. The messages that were transmitted in this special time were messages of love and support – for self and others – especially as they relate to the work I do in the world. Connecting with Venus helped me to reevaluate how I spend my time in this world. As our meetings progressed, I found myself supercharged with Venus strength and courage, resulting in an ability to redirect my path in a way that brings more truth and beauty into what I give and receive from the world. Anna Waxwing