Metal Detectorists: Geek Or Genius?

Metal detectorists have a bit of a reputation for being anoraks, boring individuals that mix with other similar types. While there are inevitably some people that’s true of, the vast majority are just like you and I, normal people with a hobby.

Some people like to go to the pub with friends and enjoy a pint and a game of pool, detectorists like to comb beaches and wasteland (among other places) looking for interesting items to uncover.

Some detectorists like to do dig up treasures and then enjoy a pint with friends in the pub and have a game of pool at the same time too. The point is, we all have our interests, and detecting only needs to be boring if you want it to be!

Most people find the hobby fascinating after a few trips out, and it can soon become addictive trying to find that spot to uncover your gold. Of course, my gold idea of gold is very different to the next man’s, I just look to unearth something unusual, whatever that may be.

Even if you never find that pirates chest filled with doubloons, you can have a lot of fun doing metal detecting in your spare time at places close to where you live. You’re likely to find that you will meet interesting people. You also might find that you are getting much more exercise than you thought you were up to having and that you have greater appreciation for the beauty of nature.

As technical advancements happen in the world, the equipment we use tends to become more sophisticated, and that’s exactly what has happened in the field of metal detecting.

We intend to use this website as a vehicle to examine and review detection devices that are available on the market. As with many other things in life, it’s extremely important to have the correct tools for whatever type of treasure hunting you might want to do.

We will also pass along stories and give out valuable tips about ways that you can improve your ability to make that big find. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy being part of the community of treasure hunters that comes with being part of our journey.

The main tools of our trade are inevitably the metal detectors themselves. Learning about these devices is as simple or complex as you want it to be. Our advice is simply to get stuck in. There are places you can go like specialist retailers who will be happy to advise you. Generally you’ll find them in industrial estates with small outlets, but you need to be careful that you’re visiting someone that wants to help you rather than just sell you overpriced kit.

A better option is to to a bit of research online, and either buy there and get it delivered, or decide what you want and then get one in a shop. A great place to start researching is Metal Detector Expert who give some brilliant ideas to beginners.

If you already know what you need, head to a specialist like Crawfords if you’re nearby.