Lunar Creation Circle 2017-18 Resources


Welcome to the resource page for the Lunar Creation Circle!

Here you will find all the class recordings, charts of the New and Full Moon, example charts, the best times for setting New Moon intentions, and other resources. The most recent recording will be at the top of the page.


General Resources:

houses handout: Houses handout
planets handout: planets
signs handout: signs handout
suggested companion book: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller
my favorite book on the houses: The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas


Mark your calendars! All classes meet at 10am Pacific. New Moon calls are about an hour, and Full Moon calls about 75 minutes. Dates and times are subject to change: 1. Monday, September 18 – Virgo New Moon; BONUS CLASS! Tuesday, September 26 – learn to find the New & Full Moons in your chart; 2. Tuesday, October 3 – Aries Full Moon; 3. Tuesday, October 17 – Libra New Moon; 4. Thursday, November 2 – Taurus Full Moon; 5. Thursday, November 16 – Scorpio New Moon; 6. Friday, December 1 – Gemini Full Moon; 7. Friday, December 15 – Sagittarius New Moon; 8. Friday, December 29 – Cancer Full Moon; 9. Monday, January 15 – Capricorn New Moon; 10. Monday, January 29 – Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse; 11. Tuesday, February 13 – Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse; 12. Tuesday, February 27 – Virgo Full Moon


virgoVirgo New Moon – Tuesday, September 19, 10:30pm PDT/1:30am EDT

best times for New Moon magic (all times in Pacific): September 20, 3:06am-midnight; September 21, all day & night

Here’s the chart of the New Moon: virgo new moon 2017

Replay of the Virgo New Moon call




Personalized Lunation Report, $35

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