Lunar Creation Circle

The next Circle will start in September 2017
a 6-month Sisterhood of astro-creative empowerment

Collaborate with the lunar cycle to create the life and world you desire.

lunar creation circleOne of the simplest and most effective ways to work with astrology is to align with the lunar cycle. The Moon rules the tides, and our bodies are mostly made of water, so it makes sense that we, like the ocean, are susceptible to the waxing and waning of the Moon.

Aligning with the lunar cycle increases your capacity to create what you desire – for yourself and for the world – while experiencing greater ease, flow and success. Through this process you also strengthen your felt sense of connection with yourself, with the natural rhythms, with other women, and with the Multiverse.

As women, our bodies are naturally attuned to the lunar cycle, and since ancient times, Priestesses have gathered to make magic at the New and Full Moons.

Our Lunar Creation Circle draws on this tradition and carries it forward into the modern world. In our Virtual Galactic Temple, women from all over come together at these monthly (moonthly) power times to reawaken and strengthen our innate feminine wisdom and creativity.


New Moon Astro-Downloads with Emily

full moon priestessEach New Moon is a seed-planting for a new project or life direction – flavored by the sign of the New Moon as well as the current planetary alignments. Every month we’ll gather a few days before the New Moon and Emily will illuminate the specific themes of the new lunar cycle, offering guidance for how to access the highest creative potential of the available currents.

The call will be about 75 minutes, and the last 15 minutes will be devoted to looking at an example chart – selected by random drawing from the group. Emily will explain which house the New Moon is activating in the lucky Sister’s birth chart, and how she can best utilize the New Moon energies in her own life. This portion of the call will show you how to interpret the New Moon in relation to your own birth chart, empowering you to co-create with the cosmic forces at a deeper level.

Please note that while the Full Moon Galactivations are open to the public, the New Moon classes will be available ONLY to members of the Lunar Creation Circle.


Full Moon Galactivations with Emily and Katie

full moon priestessWe’ll gather again a few days before the Full Moon – the emotional and energetic peak of each month, when the cosmic forces are amplified. The Full Moon provides the optimal energy for transformation because our stuff is “lit up,” and we can connect to parts of ourselves that stay hidden the rest of the month. We draw on the transformational power of the Full Moon through our signature Full Moon Galactivations.

Emily shares her astro-wisdom and Katie works her energy-healing magic, with the assistance of the Galactic Guides and Grandmas. Energy work offers you the opportunity to connect to the subtle realms of thoughts, feelings, unconscious programs, as well as the spiritual realm of soul, guides, and other enlightened helpers. Doing energy work in the format of our group matrix exponentially increases the speed and potency of transformation for each woman individually, and for the group.

During the last 15 minutes of each Galactivation, Emily and Katie do a personal astro-healing session for one lucky Priestess on the call, selected by random drawing. As a member of the Lunar Creation Circle, you will be automatically entered into this drawing each month.


This Circle is for Sisters who want to:

  • commit to amplifying your feminine creative power
  • learn astrology through a down-to-Earth, embodied, experiential approach
  • support and be supported by a group of Goddesses
  • pursue your dreams with pleasure, ease, flow, surrender and grace
  • strengthen your intuition and sense of connection with yourself, other women, and the cosmos

Join the Lunar Creation Circle and receive:

  • Six 75-minute New-Moon teleclasses with Emily, explaining how to harness the power of the new lunar cycle (these New Moon classes will ONLY be available to Circle Sisters)
  • Six 75-minute Full Moon Galactivations with Emily & Katie, combining Emily’s astro-insights with Katie’s energy work
  • a bonus one-hour class with Emily on how to find the New and Full Moons in your personal birth chart, and how to interpret what that means (chart examples will be selected from the group, by random drawing)
  • recordings are available for all classes if you can’t make it to the live sessions
  • a private Facebook Temple, where you can mix and mingle with other amazing Priestesses, share your intentions and creations, and give and receive support
  • discounted rates for other Galactic Priestess Academy programs
  • the option (once you sign up) to purchase a personalized pdf that identifies where all the New and Full Moons are happening in your own birth chart for the next 6 months



Pay in full: $255
Payment plan: 6 monthly payments of $48



full moon priestessDates and Details

All times are in Pacific, and all classes are about 75 minutes long. You do not need to be live on the calls, all classes will be recorded and you’ll be able to access the recordings at your leisure, and download them for future listening. Dates and times are subject to change.


Praise from Our Lunar Priestesses:

“What an unbelievable year of these moon calls…. I feel so much more in tune with the larger universe as well as the Earth through following the moon cycles so closely, and I can sure feel the astro energies!” – Kristine, Dark Moon Sister

“Emily, I so appreciate how detail-oriented you are, how organized, how knowledgeable…  This makes such a huge difference in my learning.  With other teachers I sometimes feel like I have to do a lot more work to take in and make sense out of what they are giving, but not with you.  You present in a way that makes it easy to absorb and understand.” – Lisa, Dark Moon Sister

“Thank you for sharing your rich wisdom in such a beautiful way. For creating a strong and beautiful container for this wonderful circle of sisters and priestesses to gather and journey with the moon and practice magic together. It has been a big support and a joyous and powerful journey that has brought me even closer to the moon and my own knowing.” – Eena, Dark Moon Sister

“I’m blown away by how the full moons are guiding me now as I begin to own my power in my life and in my relationship.” – Cheryl, Full Moon Galactivator

“The Full Moon calls are such a touchstone in my month and really have helped me connect to myself and the moon in a deeper way. I’ve had the most incredible experiences and visualizations. This is some very powerful magic juju you two have going with these sessions!” – Sidra, Full Moon Galactivator