Lunar Creation Circle 2017 Resources

Welcome to the resource page for the Lunar Creation Circle!

Here you will find all the class recordings, charts of the New and Full Moon, example charts, the best times for setting New Moon intentions, and other resources. The most recent recording will be at the top of the page.

General Resources:

houses handout: Houses handout
planets handout: planets
signs handout: signs handout
suggested companion book: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller
my favorite book on the houses: The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas


venus underworld descentScorpio Full Moon – Wednesday, May 10, 2:42pm PDT


Here’s the chart of the Full Moon: scorpio full moon 2017

Galactivation recording




Taurus New Moon – Wednesday, April 26, 5:16am PDT

best times for New Moon magic (all times in Pacific): April 26, 5:16am-midnight; April 27, all day & night EXCEPT between 6:18-6:39pm; April 28, all day & night

Replay of the Taurus New Moon call

Here’s the chart of the New Moon: taurus new moon 2017

Elizabeth’s chart: elizabeth_chart



Libra Full Moon – Monday, April 10, 11:08pm PDT


Here’s the chart of the Full Moon: libra full moon 2017

Galactivation recording



BONUS call with Emily – March 28

Learn how to find the New and Full Moons in your birth chart – and how to interpret what that means! We used two example charts:

Alyson’s chart: alyson_chart
Karin’s chart: karin_chart

Here’s the replay

We talked about the “granddaddy power period” (when the Sun transits your 11th House) on the call – here’s where you can look up the timing of yours on Jan Spiller’s website.



Aries New Moon – Monday, March 27, 7:58pm PDT

best times for New Moon magic (all times in Pacific): March 27, 7:58pm-midnight; March 28, all day & night; March 29, 12:00am-5:07am and 8:48am-midnight

Replay of the Aries New Moon call


New Moon chart: aries new moon 2017

Tara’s chart: tara_chart

Books mentioned on the call: The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest (all about what lunar phase you were born in and what that means) and Unplugging the Patriarchy by Lucia Rene


Personalized Lunation Report, $35

Find out where all the New and Full Moons for the next six months are happening in your own birth chart. Knowing which houses are being activated by each lunation deepens your awareness of how the lunar currents are moving through your life and how you can work with them. Once we receive your payment, we’ll contact you for your birth info if Emily doesn’t already have it. (An accurate birth time is required.)