La Luna

full moonSince ancient times, the Moon has been associated with the feminine principle – the Great Mother Goddess, the tides of feeling, intuition, dreams and the subconscious. Priestesses have traditionally gathered at the Full Moon because it’s such a powerful time for magic, healing and celebration.

Our Lunar Galactic Activations draw on this tradition and carry it forward into modern times by creating a Virtual Galactic Temple where women from all over the world can come together at the Full Moon to remember and reanimate our Priestess powers.

As the body or being that is closest to Earth, the Moon serves as a transmitter for the energies of other planets. At the Full Moon – the emotional and energetic peak of each month – these cosmic forces are amplified, and it’s easier than usual to tune into, connect with, and FEEL these planetary energies in our bodies. In our Galactivations, we align with the Moon and the planets, and step into our power as co-creators with the cosmos.

Galactivations are a great way to learn astrology! First, because at the Full Moon whatever is happening astrologically becomes very obvious. Second, because we’re learning about the astrological forces not only on an intellectual level but also by sensing the planetary energies in our bodies. We come to understand, on a visceral level, that we are indeed connected with the galaxy, not separate and isolated individuals (as modern Western culture would have you believe). From this place of knowing our galactic connection, remembering our true selves, infinite power and creativity become available to us.

Learn how to work with the Moon’s phases and signs.