Full Moon Galactivations


Our Full Moon Galactivations awaken your memory of the truth of who you are:  an infinite being with the power of the galaxy flowing through you.

Katie and Emily are your Galactic Priestess guides through these unique, fun and inspiring Full Moon journeys. In each Galactivation you will:

  • Gain practical guidance for working with planetary energies.
  • Align with the natural cosmic flow for greater ease and success.
  • Learn about astrology through direct experience – by feeling it in your body.
  • Receive support for stepping into more of your feminine power.
  • Join a galactic party without dressing up and going anywhere!


All women are welcome, and you can participate by telephone (or Skype) from anywhere in the world!

full moon priestessIn each teleclass:

  • Emily will talk about what’s up astrologically, focusing on the current Full Moon and how to successfully navigate the energies. No previous astro-knowledge is necessary!
  • Katie will work her energy-healing mojo, connecting and aligning the group with these cosmic forces, and harnessing them to support you in activating your feminine power.
  • One randomly selected participant will receive a personalized Priestess Galactivation session at the end of each call!


We gather for 75 minutes each month, either on the Full Moon or a day or two before the Full Moon, always at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live call – you’ll receive a recording, and you can listen at your leisure. Energy is not limited by time or space, so you’ll be able to fully tap into the galactivation power through the recordings. To be eligible for the drawing to receive the personalized session, register at least 3 days before the call.

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Our Full Moon Galactivators have said:

“Streamlined, relatable information on the current astrological environment. Potent energy work i can actually relate to and feel. Super helpful and authentic delivery and personal stories from Katie and Emily.”

“Uplifting and supportive. A great learning experience that I can incorporate into my life.”

“It felt so true and real…. like it was a galactivation just for me. I cried, I felt renewed afterwards, and I wanted more.”

“In a nutshell, it’s life-changing. The calls inform me in my life journey and they help clear blocks to move forward. Even though I don’t see the other Priestesses, I feel very connected to this community.”

“Informational Soul Food”

“During the call I get to make friends with the stars and planets, and gain insight into how best to move with the cosmos…then the energy work seems to ground the new awareness and heal old wounds and allow for the mystery to flow more freely through my body and therefore my life.”

“Fun, informative, relaxing and elevating.”