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6-Month Full Moon Subscription

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In addition to 6 Galactivations, you will receive awesome bonuses when you become a Full Moon Subscriber:


  • - Galactivate with us each moonth at a discounted rate.
  • - Access our Private Galactic Priestess Community Facebook Page, where you can connect and share with us and your temple sisters, and get help with finding the area(s) of life that each new moon and full moon activate in YOUR personal chart.
  • - Invite one friend to one call with you for FREE!
  • - Be automatically entered each moonth to win our live 15-20 minute personalized Galactivation session at the end of our calls.
  • - A special discount for our raved-about Deep-Dive programs.
  • - Dial-in info that conveniently shows up like your period each month, except it's in your inbox!
  • - The recordings show up automatically too - one less thing to think about!

What priestesses are saying:

“Wow!  I felt like you we're doing a personal reading/session just for me. You described and explained what's happening in my life right now! You are two powerful women and I love what you do!!” - Ava

"Wowza! What an amazing Galactivation this morning. Completely unique. Wonderfully enlightening. Just Wow!" - Joely

"I was absolutely spiritually led to both of you and I have gained more than I ever imagined would really manifest in my life/Self through being connected with the community that orbits around you. Thank you both so much! The work you do is life-changing!" - Amber

Priestesses need ease, support, community, and Cosmic connection. Give your precious self these essentials.

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