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Lunar Creation Circle 2017-2018


lunar creation circleLunar Creation Circle with Emily

a 6-month Sisterhood of astro-creative empowerment, September 18, 2017-February 27, 2018

* amplify your feminine creative power
* learn astrology through a down-to-Earth, embodied, experiential approach
* support and be supported by a group of Goddesses
* pursue your dreams with pleasure, ease, flow, surrender and grace
* strengthen your intuition and sense of connection with yourself, other women, and the cosmos

As women, our bodies are naturally attuned to the lunar cycle, and since ancient times, Priestesses have gathered to make magic at the New and Full Moons.

Our Lunar Creation Circle draws on this tradition and carries it forward into the modern world. In our Virtual Galactic Temple, women from all over come together at these monthly power times to reawaken and strengthen our innate feminine wisdom and creativity.

New and Full Moon Astro-Guidance

Every month we’ll gather a day or two before the New Moon and you’ll learn about the specific themes of the new lunar cycle, and receive guidance for accessing the highest creative potential of the available currents.

We’ll gather again a few days before the Full Moon – the emotional and energetic peak of each month, when the cosmic forces are amplified. The Full Moon is a time of illumination, revelation and breakthrough. You’ll learn how to work with these potent energies for transformation and healing.

And, during the last 15 minutes of the Full Moon call, Emily will do a personal astro-reading for one lucky Priestess on the call, selected by random drawing. As a member of the Lunar Creation Circle, you will be automatically entered into this drawing each month.

4 Options for Participation!

Option 1: Lunar Creation Circle

* six one-hour New Moon calls, explaining how to harness the power of the new lunar cycle
* six 75-minute Full Moon calls, which will include a 15-minute personal Full Moon astro-reading for one lucky Lunar Sister (selected by random drawing)
* a bonus one-hour class on how to find the New and Full Moons in your personal birth chart, and how to interpret what that means (chart examples will be selected from the group, by random drawing)
* recordings are available for all classes if you can’t make it to the live sessions
* a private Facebook Temple, where you can mix and mingle with other amazing Priestesses, share your intentions and creations, and give and receive support
* lunar astro-updates in the Facebook Temple and via email
* a discounted rate on astrology readings with Emily
* the option (once you sign up) to purchase a personalized pdf that identifies where all the New and Full Moons are happening in your own birth chart for the next 6 months

Investment: $225


Option 2: Lunar Creation Circle with Special Sauce – Receive One-on-One Lunar Goddess Support

Includes all the goodness of Option 1, plus two 45-minute astro-coaching sessions with Emily to take place during the six months of the Circle. The sessions will be tailored to your specific needs depending on what’s happening in your life and what kind of support you desire. You’ll get to draw on Emily’s astro-expertise to help you navigate any area of life.

Investment: $605 (only 6 spots available!)


Option 3: Lunar Creation Circle Astro-Geek Deep Dive

Want to dive deeper into the current astrology and learn how to apply what’s happening in the sky to your own chart and life? In addition to the New and Full Moon calls, we’ll gather in a small group every month for about 90 minutes. In each class, we’ll focus on specific planetary transits, utilizing charts of group participants as examples so we can explore how the transits play out in real life.

We’ll meet via Zoom (video conferencing) so we can more easily look at charts together and connect face-to-face. The timing of the meetings will be determined once the group forms, so we can find a time when (ideally) everyone can participate live. (Includes all the goodness of Option 1.)

Investment: $405 (only 10 spots available!)


Option 4: The Full Monty! Personal Sessions AND Astro-Geek Deep Dive

Ready to go all the way into Lunar Goddessness? This option includes ALL of the above.

Investment: $755


Read the full Circle description and get all the details

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.