Astro-Reading FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Astrology Readings with Emily

What can I expect from an astrology reading with you?

Expect to have your mind blown. Expect to feel seen and validated at the deepest level. Expect to receive a “cosmic permission slip” for being your true self and following your own intuitive knowing. Expect practical, grounded support for living your passion and purpose. Expect me to hold a safe, loving, compassionate space for you to explore and uncover more of who you are.

Will you tell me when or whether I’m going to get married/get the job/win the lottery/etc.?

No. Why would you give away your power to a stranger to tell you “what’s going to happen” in your own life? My intention is to use astrology as a tool for empowerment, not to encourage the fear-based idea that we are victims of fate. I believe that the future is not fixed, that there are several possible futures and that which one we step into depends on many factors, including and especially the level of consciousness with which we’re navigating our lives. I’m more interested in helping you, for example, uncover your subconscious blocks to having the relationship you desire and how you might heal those blocks, versus “predicting” when a relationship will magically appear in your life.

In the “fate or free will” argument, my belief is that there’s no way to really know whether or not everything we do is already pre-planned on some mysterious level. BUT it seems like a good idea to operate AS IF we have free will, and to exercise our power to create our lives whenever possible – and to surrender to the Great Mystery when that is more appropriate.

What I CAN do is help illuminate what this time period is about for you, the lessons you’re being presented with, and how you might successfully work with the energies that are currently activated. For example, is it a time to retreat, focus on your inner world and let go of needing to “do” so much or make anything happen – or, is it a time to really step out, take a risk, and go for it?

Can you look at my partner’s/lover’s (or potential partner’s/lover’s) chart and tell me all about them?

If you have already had a reading with me, then in a follow-up reading I can look at the chart of your partner/lover, and see how his/her chart interacts with yours – i.e., what kinds of soul-level/karmic contracts you may be working out, what role this person is playing in your life (and why you may have attracted them at this particular time), and how that person is triggering you and inviting you to grow. I will not give a detailed analysis of someone’s chart (with the exception of your children – see below) unless that person is present for the reading. In other words, what I will focus on in the reading is YOU, and the effect that person has on you, rather than focusing on them.

The reason for this is two-fold. One, on an ethical level, I think it’s invasive to talk about someone’s chart if they’re not present, and the reality is that unless I have a conversation with them, I have no idea how they’re using the energies present in their chart. If there’s something you want to know about the other person, the best way to find out is to ask them, or have them get their own reading and then tell you about it. Second, from a practical perspective, when it comes to relationship, the power that’s available to make a change is in YOU, so it’s much more productive to focus on your own chart and look at what wants to be made conscious and healed through this relationship dynamic.

Will you tell me about my children’s charts?

Yes, if you’ve already had an individual reading with me, then you can schedule a reading in which we can look at your children’s charts (up to two in one one-hour session), and how their charts interact with your chart. This kind of reading can illuminate how you can best support your child to be who they came here to be, what kinds of soul contracts you may have with your children, and also the kinds of dynamics that may be challenging between you and how you can respond to those challenges.

Do you offer couple’s readings?

I no longer offer couple’s readings. I highly recommend the evolutionary astrologer Laura Nalbandian for couple’s readings.

Can you tell me the best place to live/take a vacation based on astrology?

What you’re looking for is an astrologer who does relocation astrology, or Astro*Carto*Graphy – a specialty in which I am not trained. I highly recommend the work of evolutionary astrologer and relocation specialist Scott Wolfram.

Can you tell me the best time to get married/start a business/etc.?

In the context of a reading, we can look at optimal timing for a particular event (please let me know ahead of time if you have a question along these lines). However, I do not consider myself an expert in electional astrology (using astrology to “elect” the perfect moment for an event), so if this is your primary reason for consulting an astrologer, I recommend contacting someone who specifically offers this service.

Do you see clients in person?

At this time, I’m only working with clients via phone or Zoom.

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