ariesAries the Ram – Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mars
Archetypes:  Warrior, Pioneer, Leader, Hero, Innovator, Athlete, Daredevil, Survivor, Fool
Constructive:  leadership, strength, courage, action, independence, innovation, honesty, enthusiasm, survival, heroism
Shadow:  impatience, bravado, selfishness, judgment, self-absorption, antagonism, belligerence
Parts of the body:  head, brain, eyes

Taurus the Bull – Fixed Earth, ruled by Venus
Archetypes:  Earth Goddess, Steward, Builder, Farmer, Conservationist
Constructive:  sensuality, grounding, endurance, pleasure, stability, tranquility, reverence, abundance, security, pragmatism
Shadow:  gluttony, stubbornness, materialism, possessiveness, laziness, greed, stagnation, inflexibility
Parts of the body:  neck, throat, jaw, thyroid

Gemini the Twins – Mutable Air, ruled by Mercury
Archetypes:  Witness, Storyteller, Trickster, Journalist, Student, Magician, Messenger, Salesperson
Constructive:  perception, intelligence, communication, open-mindedness, multi-tasking, curiosity, adaptability, versatility, quick wit
Shadow:  over-extension, nervousness, restlessness, talk without substance, lying, unreliability, indecision, distraction, superficiality
Parts of the body:  lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, nervous system

Cancer the Crab – Cardinal Water, ruled by the Moon
Archetypes:  Mother, Great Mother Goddess, Healer, Caretaker, Nurturer
Constructive:  nurturing, resourcefulness, domesticity, creativity, rootedness, sensitivity, intuition, imagination, receptivity, protectiveness
Shadow:  moodiness, over-attachment to the past, hyper-sensitivity, stagnation, tribalism, hoarding, smothering, codependence
Parts of the body:  breasts, stomach, womb

Leo the Lion – Fixed Fire, ruled by the Sun
Archetypes:  Artist, Child, Performer, Diva, King/Queen, Rock Star, Leader
Constructive:  self-expression, leadership, generosity, spontaneity, joy, celebration, courage, uniqueness, innocence, charisma, loyalty
Shadow:  melodrama, willfulness, ego-inflation, pride, self-aggrandizement, superiority, arrogance, entitlement
Parts of the body:  heart, spine

Virgo the Virgin – Mutable Earth, ruled by Mercury
Archetypes:  Servant, Priestess, Witch, Doctor/Healer, Critic, Analyst, Perfectionist
Constructive:  skillfulness, refinement, service, discrimination, efficiency, pragmatism, clarity, humility, intellect, synthesis, purification, health-conscious
Shadow:  perfectionism, judgment, over-analysis, pettiness, workaholism, martyrdom, self-doubt, hyper-criticism, hypochondria, crisis, emptiness
Parts of the body:  intestines

Libra the Scales – Cardinal Air, ruled by Venus
Archetypes:  Diplomat, Peacemaker, Lover, Artist, Socialite
Constructive:  collaboration, cooperation, peace, beauty, compassionate detachment, equilibrium, diplomacy, justice, graciousness, social skills
Shadow:  indecision, laziness, insincerity, co-dependence, passivity, insecurity, lack of self-awareness, superficiality, manipulation
Parts of the body:  kidneys, low back

Scorpio the Scorpion – Fixed Water, ruled by Mars (Pluto)
Archetypes:  Magician, Sorceress, Detective, Dark Goddess, Psychologist, Shaman, Priestess, Edge-Walker
Constructive:  emotional depth, healing, survival, transformation, compassion, intimacy, alchemy, power, instinct, loyalty, perseverance
Shadow:  abuse of power, secrecy, judgment, emotional repression, paranoia, obsession, control, revenge, manipulation, over-intensity, crisis
Parts of the body:  genitals, reproductive system, elimination system, sweat glands

Sagittarius the Archer – Mutable Fire, ruled by Jupiter
Archetypes:  Philosopher, Gypsy, Teacher, Globetrotter, Adventurer, Guru
Constructive:  expansion, exploration, enthusiasm, resilience, abundance, adventure, intuition, faith, understanding, wisdom, optimism
Shadow:  self-righteousness, intolerance, over-extension, imprudence, fear of commitment, over-indulgence, fanaticism, tactlessness
Parts of the body:  thighs, buttocks, hips

Capricorn the Sea Goat – Cardinal Earth, ruled by Saturn
Archetypes:  Father, Hermit, Boss, Manager, CEO, Authority
Constructive: introspection, wisdom, self-discipline, pragmatism, patience, integrity, humor, perseverance, power, high standards, long-term perspective
Shadow: fear, coldness, materialism, depression, workaholism, authoritarianism, isolation, opportunism, rigidity, control, pessimism, cynicism
Parts of the body:  knees, bones, teeth

Aquarius the Water Bearer – Fixed Air, ruled by Saturn (Uranus)
Archetypes:  Revolutionary, Innovator, Scientist, Genius, Networker, Activist, Outsider, Truth-Teller
Constructive:  creativity, freedom, individuality, humanitarianism, community, team player, objectivity, future vision, idealism, truth, friendship
Shadow:  stubbornness, “rebel without a cause,” alienation, emotional detachment, living in the future, undependability
Parts of the body:  ankles, lower legs, circulatory system, electrical system

Pisces the Fish – Mutable Water, ruled by Jupiter (Neptune)
Archetypes:  Dreamer, Mystic, Visionary, Artist, Poet, Musician, Psychic, Healer, Martyr
Constructive:  intuition, creativity, healing, peace, oneness, sensitivity, compassion, consciousness, higher vision, service, imagination
Shadow:  aimlessness, depression, addiction, escapism, lack of boundaries, victimization, martyrdom
Parts of the body:  feet, lymphatic system