The planets represent different aspects of consciousness or, in an individual birth chart, different parts of the psyche.

The Sun

Rules: Leo
Day: Sunday
In myth: Apollo, Helios
Archetypes: the King/Queen, the Hero, the Source, the Child, the Artist/Creator
Key words: identity, consciousness, light, ego, creativity, heart, joy, love, essence, radiance, fun, self-expression, individuality, uniqueness, confidence, courage; father, children, artists, men in your life

The Moon

Rules: Cancer
Day: Monday
In myth: Hathor, Artemis, Demeter
Archetypes: Triple Goddess, Mother, Nurturer, Healer
Key words: feelings, safety, needs, nourishment, fertility, intuition, home, past, roots, family/tribe, security, foundation, subconscious, vulnerability, comfort; mother and maternal figures, family members, ancestors, older women in your life


Rules: Gemini and Virgo
Day: Wednesday
In myth: Hermes, Elegba
Archetypes: Messenger, Magician, Trickster, Student, Hermaphrodite
Key words: intellect, communication, curiosity, education, perception, movement, short trips, interests, learning, multiplicity, shape-shifting, versatility, duality; siblings, students, peers, neighbors, co-workers


Rules: Taurus and Libra
Day: Friday
In myth: Inanna, Aphrodite, Astarte, Freya, Isis, Oshun
Archetypes: Sacredly Sexual Priestess, Beauty Queen, Socialite, Peacemaker, Artist
Key words: love, beauty, relationship, values, talents, self-worth, attraction, money, pleasure, femininity, eroticism, receptivity, fertility, kinship, grace, harmony, art, style, taste, indulgence, laziness; young women in your life, female friends & competitors


Rules: Aries and Scorpio
Day: Tuesday
In myth: Ares, Hercules
Archetypes: Warrior, Hero, Pioneer, Innovator, Athlete
Key words: power, self-assertion, desire, anger, vitality, individuality, courage, confidence, passion, masculinity, athleticism, sexuality, action, instinct, survival, force, violence; young men in your life, competitors


Rules: Sagittarius and Pisces
Day: Thursday
In myth: Zeus, King of the Gods
Archetypes: Adventurer, Teacher, Gypsy, Philosopher, Guru, Preacher, Benefactor
Key words: expansion, faith, confidence, storytelling, travel, religion, beliefs, generosity, luck, opportunity, optimism, higher education, laws/legal system, prosperity; teacher, guru, minister/preacher, lawyer, god


Rules: Capricorn and Aquarius
Day: Saturday
In myth: Cronos, Father Time, the Devil
Archetypes: Father, Boss, CEO, “The Man,” Scapegoat
Key words: authority, responsibility, discipline, fear, work, manifestation, boundaries, time, mastery, longevity, long-term goals, commitment, perseverance, old age, maturity; authority figures, father (or parental authority figure), boss, disciplinarian


Rules: Aquarius (modern)
In myth: Ouranos (Sky God), Prometheus
Archetypes: Revolutionary, Trickster, Inventor, Scientist, Activist, Humanitarian, Outsider
Key words: individuation, freedom, revolution, democracy, technology, electricity, computers, experimentation, innovation, humanity, future, individuality, creativity, genius, community, sudden change, separation, trauma; rebel, astrologer


Rules: Pisces (modern)
In myth: God/Goddess of the Ocean, Poseidon
Archetypes: Poet, Dancer, Artist, Musician, Savior, Redeemer, Martyr, Victim
Key words: spirit, intuition, imagination, dreams, fantasy, illusion, divinity, art, bliss, oneness, compassion, sensitivity, surrender, transcendence, addiction, escapism, blindness, ideals, paradise, prison; madman/woman, psychic, healer


Rules: Scorpio (modern)
In myth: God/Goddess of the Underworld, Erishkegal, Hades, Kali, Hecate, Persephone
Archetypes: Dark Goddess, Phoenix, Shaman, Magician, Priestess
Key words: transformation, power, destiny, truth, passion, soul’s mission, regeneration, death and rebirth, surrender, shadow, subconscious, core, mystery, void, darkness, corruption; shaman, psychologist/therapist


In myth: Centaur
Archetypes: Wounded Healer, Mentor, Environmentalist, Maverick, Astrologer, Shaman, Spiritual Warrior
Key words: healing, wounds, suffering, divination, conscious embodiment, holistic healing, mind-body integration, keys, spiritual growth, mastery, crisis, astrology, ecology, herbalism, “the gift in the wound”