First House (Ascendant) – Keyword: SELF
Phase of Development:  establishing identity – Who am I?
Themes/Areas of life:  Physical appearance; personality; disposition/manner; outlook on life; window through which you view the world; your optimal mask; how you take action; conditions of birth; self-image; physical health and vitality
Person/People:  self

Second House – HOLDING
Phase of Development:  grounding in material reality and establishing values – What do I need?
Themes/Areas of life:  Your resources, possessions and property; money; attitudes toward wealth; earning and spending capacity; values; the legacy you leave behind; self-worth; self-exertion; sensuality and the capacity for pleasure
Person/People:  financial advisor, accountant

Phase of Development:  integrating into everyday environment – How do I fit into my reality?
Themes/Areas of life:  Communication, writing and speech; the concrete and rational mind; early education and environment; ability to relate to your environment; short journeys; memory; perception
Person/People:  neighbors, siblings, peers, students

Fourth House (Nadir/IC) – FEELING DEEPLY
Phase of Development:  establishing a solid emotional structure and sense of home
Themes/Areas of life:  Base of operations; home; emotional foundation; emotional depths; real estate/property; establishing roots; imagination and intuition; personal mythology; core self
Person/People:  mother (or nurturing parent), family/tribe, ancestors

Fifth House – CREATING
Phase of Development:  expressing your unique self
Themes/Areas of life:  Creative self-expression; what you produce that’s uniquely yours; romance/love affairs; the will; speculation, risk and gambling; drama; joy and playfulness; being in the present moment; games and sports
Person/People:  children, lovers

Sixth House – BE HERE NOW
Phase of Development:  finding meaningful work in order to heal yourself and others
Themes/Areas of life:  Work, service and everyday duties; health and healing; companion animals; working conditions; diet/food; competence and skills; apprenticeship; routines and rituals; personal growth
Person/People:  employees, “servants” and co-workers, mentors and apprentices, doctors/health-care professionals

Seventh House (Descendant) – THE OTHER
Phase of Development:  establishing healthy relationships
Themes/Areas of life:  Relationships; partnership, marriage and friendship; how you experience “the other;” cooperation (or lack thereof); open adversaries; projection; compromise and negotiation; contracts and commitments
Person/People:  partners, husband/wife, business partner, close friends

Eighth House – LETTING GO
Phase of Development:  letting go of what is not essential for growing to the next level
Themes/Areas of life:  The subconscious; sex, mating and intimacy; death; instincts; forces beyond the ego’s control; other people’s money and shared assets; taxes and debts; the occult; transformation and regeneration; letting go; power
Person/People:  therapist, shaman, mate

Phase of Development:  connecting with Spirit, intuition and your own integrity
Themes/Areas of life:  Higher mind; philosophy, religion and the law; belief systems and how we create meaning; intuition; long journeys, especially foreign travel; expansion of mental and spiritual horizons; publishing; higher education
Person/People:  teachers and gurus, ministers and priests, “god” (your version thereof)

Tenth House (Midheaven/MC) – TAKING POWER
Phase of Development:  taking on and utilizing power in the world
Themes/Areas of life:  Social role, status and reputation; career; your relationship to authority; how you appear from a distance; your destiny; ambition; social responsibility
Person/People:  father (or parental authority), boss, employer, authority figures

Eleventh House – GIVING
Phase of Development:  discovering your purpose on the planet and giving your gift to the world
Themes/Areas of life:  Goals and objectives; friendship and social relationships; social change and revolution; idealism; groups, organizations and movements; the gift we give to the world; hopes and wishes; the future
Person/People:  friends, associates, community or group members, humanity

Twelfth House – BLISS
Phase of Development:  becoming one with All That Is and experiencing bliss
Themes/Areas of life:  The unconscious and consciousness; “serve or suffer;” spirituality, ecstasy, where you find god; hospitals, prisons, institutions; paradise; self-transcendence; dreams and fantasies; illusion and disillusion; addictions; isolation and retreat; conditions prior to birth; karma
Person/People:  mystics, prisoners, people who are institutionalized or hospitalized

Note: the key words at the start of each house description are from Barbara Hand Clow’s excellent book, Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini.