Astro 101

“Entertain the possibility that you are an undercover agent parachuting down to this beautiful planet in its time of need. Astrology is a language that catalyzes your memory of your mission.” – Caroline Casey

zodiacThe building blocks of astrology are the planets, signs and houses. The planets represent different aspects of consciousness or, in an individual birth chart, different parts of the psyche. Are we talking about the emotional nature (the Moon), action and assertion (Mars), or social responsibility (Saturn)? Planets can also be seen as actors in the play of life, and represent different people in your life as well as the various roles you play. Venus, for example, will reveal what you love and what gives you pleasure, and will also signify young women in your life and female friends.

As the planets move through the wheel of the zodiac, they take on the characteristics, or “wear the costume,” of the different signs. If planets are the “what” – which aspect of consciousness are we talking about – signs describe “how” the energies of that planet manifest. For example, in the watery, sensitive sign of Pisces, Mars is likely to assert itself in a gentle and considerate manner. In fiery Sagittarius, Mars will express itself more directly.

The houses – the “pieces of the pie” in the wheel of the chart – signify different areas of life, as well as phases of development. In order to access the energy of a particular planet, we need to enter into the areas of life represented by the house that planet occupies. For example, if your Sun is in the 11th House, you access and increase your vitality, creativity and confidence (the Sun) by participating in groups, organizations and socially progressive movements (11th House).

In evolutionary astrology, in which we use astrology as a healing tool to illuminate the soul’s journey toward wholeness, there are no “good” or “bad” placements. We work with the premise that, on a soul level, we each chose our charts. Astrology can help us understand the divine purpose behind why we chose to incarnate at this particular time, and how to best actualize our unique planetary blueprint.