spring equinoxHappy Equinox, Astro-Friends!

After months in the Underworld, I am reemerging… and the Equinox call I did on March 18 felt like a coming-out party. In case you missed it, the recording is below. It’s a little over an hour, and includes an overview of Spring Equinox, specific details about this Equinox as a blueprint for the energies of the next three months, Mars Retrograde and Venus descending into the Underworld:

(If you’d prefer to download the audio, and if you want to see the list of resources mentioned on the call, you can find all that here.)

dark moon creation circleI had so much fun doing the Equinox call that I got inspired to offer something brand new – a 12-moonth Dark Moon Creation Circle for women. Here’s my vision:

A Circle of Goddesses who come together at the New Moon and support each other to CREATE the lives and the world we desire. This is for women who want to learn and practice working with the lunar cycle in a very hands-on, embodied, down-to-Earth kind of way – with the intention of amplifying our own and each others’ creative power.

We start with April’s New Moon in Aries, considered the most powerful New Moon of the year. We follow and co-create with the Moon through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, Aries to Pisces, ending in March 2017.

We’ll gather twice each moonth for about an hour. First we’ll meet a few days before the New Moon, and I’ll give an astro-download about the specific themes of the new lunar cycle. Then we’ll meet again a few days after the New Moon, and get personal. You’ll learn how to find where the New Moon is happening in your own chart, what that means, and how to work with it.

We’re starting soon! Our first session will be Monday, April 4th. Find out all the details and feel into whether this Circle is right for you.

The investment for this Circle is $550 if you pay in full, or 12 monthly payments of $55. OR, if you sign up for mine and Katie’s new Mentorship for Mystics by April 1st, you’ll receive the Dark Moon Circle as a bonus for FREE.

emily trinkausI hope to see you in the Circle!

with love, Emily