Dearest Reader,

This is not the New Moon post you were expecting (and probably hoping for). This is about ME, and, if you are a regular reader of Virgo Magic, it affects YOU.

The square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces – the planetary headline through next year – is activating my 6th House (work and service) and my 10th House (career and public identity). Not surprisingly, my work is going through mega-shifts.

When I started this blog back in 2010, it felt like the perfect expression of my work and my self, the ideal medium for my message. But for the past year or so I’ve felt less and less stoked about writing my posts – it started to feel more like an obligation, a “should,” a drain on my energy. Finally, at the last Full Moon (a big Saturn-Neptune activator), I got a clear AHA that Virgo Magic was energetically out of alignment with who I am and where I’m at now, and that it’s time to let it go.

On both a personal and collective level, the Saturn-Neptune square wants to dissolve the forms and structures that are not energetically aligned. We know that we’re out of alignment when what we’re doing feels draining and exhausting instead of inspiring and enlivening. It’s like we can’t get away with ignoring the soul-level truth of our souls. (True, we can never really “get away with it” – but now Saturn is making the misalignment so freaking obvious, putting on the pressure to realign.)

The old definitions (Saturn) are falling away (Neptune). The labels no longer fit, they feel too confining for the expansiveness of our deepest selves.

For me, it’s not only Virgo Magic that no longer fits, it’s also the title “astrologer.” Of course I still love astrology, and it will continue to be a big part of my work, but my “real” work is a lot broader and more multidimensional. I’m a priestess, scholar, researcher, mentor, healer, teacher, writer, transformation catalyst. Astrology is one of my many tools.

Over the years I’ve received very sweet feedback from many of you Virgo Magic readers – generous appreciation of my writing that has touched me deeply. I pretty much always cry when I receive your compliments. Please know how grateful I feel for your love and support, how honored I am that my writing has touched you in some way.

I wanted to make this work transition all neat and tidy, to have a solid “exit strategy” out of Virgo Magic and a ready-made replacement for you to jump right into (if you were so inclined). This is part of what’s kept me holding on – how can I let go of the old when the new isn’t yet fully formed?

But this is exactly what’s being asked of me, what’s being asked of so many of us here in Saturn-Neptune-land. To dissolve, dissolve, dissolve. To SURRENDER to the mysterious unknown. To create a wide open space where the new can be allowed to arise in its own perfect timing. When we’re so invested in holding onto the old Saturnian forms, structures, and realities, there’s no SPACE, no energy, for the new Neptunian vision to arise.

My work and I will not be entirely lost in space…  I continue to feel passionate and on path with the Galactivations I do with Katie Todd, combining my astro-insights with Katie’s kickass energy work to empower women to co-create with the cosmos. We’ll keep offering our monthly Full Moon teleclasses, Deep Dives, and special events – and we’re planning to expand our work in the new year. If you want to stay informed about our events, please sign for our mailing list here (scroll down to bottom).

My other on-path passion is the Venus Revolution, which I officially birthed into the world in March 2015, but have kept more in the background. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to put it out in the world in as big of a way as I know it wants to be. It feels edgy and risky and it triggers my Burning Times trauma like you would not believe. (Or, like you probably would believe, because I know a lot of you can relate…)

Now it’s time to commit. There’s a podcast that wants to happen, which I’ll be ready to launch early next year. There’s also a book, and letting go of writing the Virgo Magic blog will allow me to put more time and energy into getting that done. You can stay informed about Venusian Revolutionary activities by signing up for that mailing list here.

The Virgo Magic site will remain up for now, as will my Virgo Magic Facebook page, and I’ll post updates in these places as the new forms of my work come into being.

emilyTHANK YOU for being part of my community. Thank you for receiving my writing. Thank you for supporting my work and making it possible for me to share my gifts and my passion with the world.

with my deepest love and gratitude, Emily



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