scorpio new moon

collage by Emily

This year’s Scorpio New Moon occurs on the power date of 11/11 (at 9:47am Pacific) and invites a transformational new beginning.

We’re called into the depths of our being, our own personal Underworld, to uncover our deepest desires and confront those essential Scorpionic questions: Why am I here? What does it all mean? Knowing I’m going to die, how can I come fully ALIVE?

As a Water sign, Scorpio lives in the feeling realm, and the REAL answers to these questions don’t come from our rational minds but from our emotional depths and raw instincts. Which means the truth doesn’t always “make sense,” and, at the level of the ego-mind, we don’t always like it.

For example! The other night I had a dream in which I was suddenly on fire with a desire I didn’t even know I had. I woke up from the dream in the middle of the night,  fear flooding through my system, as if I had just had a nightmare – although while in dreamland I felt GREAT. The fear came from my waking-life personality self, which said, “Oh shit, THAT’s what I really want?

You know what I’m talking about – that mixture of fear and desire, how, when you get in touch with what you TRULY desire, it’s likely to scare the bejesus out of you. That’s how you know it’s for real. That’s how you know you’re emotionally invested, which is the fuel you need to bring a desire into reality.

scorpioScorpio-style passion and vitality have been strongly suppressed in the modern West. We’re conditioned to be afraid of intense feelings and suspicious of our instincts, to fear the Underworld Darkness, where we uncover this level of being within ourselves, where we come fully alive.

Instead, the collective energy is set at lukewarm and ho-hum, boredom and depression.  And the level of intensity, passion and aliveness we’re supposed to be living at gets distorted and channeled into outrageously violent TV and video games, and wars and invasions and assaults on women and dark-skinned people – who receive the projection of the culture’s disowned “darkness.”

So… Are you ready to ignite your passion in service to collective awakening? To tap into the transformative potential of the 11/11 New Moon portal? There’s a lot of New Agey hype about 11/11, but the date in itself is meaningless, nothing awesome is going to “happen to you,” no major change will occur, unless YOU make it happen.

The powerful new beginning that wants to be initiated requires taking a RISK – the risk of getting out of your comfort zone, feeling your fear, trusting and acting on your instincts. The risk of descending into the Scorpionic darkness, shedding your old attachments and defenses, your old ideas of what you think you should want and who you think you should be.

Mercury the Magician closely conjoins the New Moon, supporting you in clearing out the beliefs and perceptions that keep you stuck in patterns of passionless living. Mercury in Scorpio’s superpower is seeing in the dark – reading the deeper levels of truth hiding beneath what’s seen and what’s said. Mercury’s conjunction with the New Moon also invites you to use your Sacred Attention (a phrase that jumped out at me as I was making the above collage) as a tool for transformation. Where are you directing your focus, moment by moment?

scorpio new moonTo get more insight into what the Scorpio New Moon means for you, find the house in your birth chart that contains 19 degrees Scorpio. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: uncover what you really want by dropping out of your stories and into the depth of your feelings; shed what you’ve outgrown to make space for a new beginning; take the risk of trusting and acting on your instincts; go on an Underworld journey to reignite your passion and vitality.

Tonight – in the deep dark of the Balsamic Moon, the very end of the lunar cycle – is an optimal time for rituals of release and for grieving the past. The best time for working your New Moon magical mojo is from Wednesday at 9:47am to Thursday at 6:54am (Pacific).

– Emily Trinkaus

galactivationsCalling all priestesses! Want support for navigating the 11/11 portal, getting out of stuckness, and transforming fear into power? Energy-healing High Priestess Katie Todd and I are offering a special Pluto in Capricorn Galactivation on Wednesday (or by recording). All women are welcome, and this is a teleclass, so you just need a phone or internet connection to participate. Details here.