underworld descentIf we remain trapped in fear, we will never know the treasures of the dark. Being catapulted into the underworld is a common mythological theme, found in almost all cultures…. [O]rdinary ego perceptions are shattered; cracks occur in the well-crafted persona. Through these cracks emerges the possibility of something new.” – Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson, Dancing in the Flames

Last Friday we opened the doors to the Temple of Venus Revolution – initiating a 6-month Immersion for women that aligns with Venus’ descent into the Underworld. As Venus is currently in a LEO cycle, the intention of this Immersion is to uncover and strip away any blocks to shining the light of your naturally brilliant true self. We’re playing with the tools of ART, MAGIC, RITUAL and SACRED SEXUALITY to liberate your Wild Feminine Creatrix and Fierce Feminine Leader.

venus revolution altarThe Temple doors are still open, and there’s still time to jump through the portal.

You might be ready for a trip to the Venusian Underworld if you are:

  • feeling disconnected from your passion, pleasure and life juice
  • navigating a life transition and don’t know what’s next
  • experiencing a significant loss or ending
  • depressed, overwhelmed, disoriented, burnt-out and/or frustrated
  • longing for more creativity and aliveness

In the Temple of Venus Revolution, you will:

  • receive support for dismantling your “inner patriarchy” and healing your own Sacred Feminine
  • expand your understanding of the feminine by learning about the astrological, mythological, cultural and historical Venus
  • learn astrology as a feminine art and practice, in a unique, fun and experiential way
  • heal the patriarchal legacy of female competition by being immersed in a sacred container of Sisterhood

venus revolutionTo give you a taste of the magic we’re brewing up in the Temple, and to introduce you to my genius collaboratrix in this Immersion, Celebrity Witch Heather Bleasdell, below is Heather’s first video from the Immersion – her introduction to ART + MAGIC (subjects she’s been studying and playing with for over a decade).

If you feel inspired by the video, check out the details about the Immersion: Descent into the Underworld: A 6-Month Journey to Unleash Your Wild Feminine Creative Brilliance & Liberate Your Fierce Feminine Leadership. Here you can also find a recording of the preview call in which Emily illuminates Venus in Virgo and the Sacredly Sexual Priestess.

Hope to see you in the Venus Temple! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. (and if you do NOT see the video below, which sometimes happens if you’re viewing on a device, you can also find it here.)

– Emily Trinkaus