taurus full moon 2015

collage by Emily

Holy intensity! Tuesday’s Taurus Full Moon (5:05am Pacific) is the last Super Moon of 2015 and it’s stirring up some serious shiz.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and this means that our Moon-ruled emotions are manifesting in physical form – in the body, through illness and other health challenges, and on the material plane, through the “stuff” around us that we depend on for comfort and convenience.

On Friday the Sun shifted into Scorpio, initiating the season when we’re called to shed, transform or heal what’s stuck, stagnant, outgrown or otherwise blocking the flow of our vitality and power. In case you’ve had any doubt about what that might be, the Taurus Full Moon is here to make it SUPER-obvious, by bringing the issues into the physical.

Both Venus, ruler of Taurus, and Mars, traditional ruler of Scorpio, are in Virgo – the sign of health and healing – increasing the potential for manifesting emotional issues through the body. Venus precisely opposes Chiron in Pisces, the Wounded Healer, intensifying health-related issues by stirring up core wounds of separation that are lurking in the unconscious. Venus-Chiron-style wounds tend to show up in relationship-land, through feelings of envy or jealousy, through issues around attractiveness, unworthiness, not-enough-ness, through blocks to pleasure, receptivity and support.

chiron in piscesChiron in Pisces asks us to simply FEEL the feelings, and to shower that wounded, seemingly separate part of ourselves with unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion – high-vibration Pisces. Lean into Venusian healing practices of sensual pleasure, exquisite self-care, communion with nature, art and beauty.

Of course, the more shadowy expression of these Full Moon energies is also available… This could look like  overeating or otherwise numbing out with our favorite addiction to avoid feelings that seem scary or overwhelming. Shutting down instead of opening up. Holding onto what seems “safe” instead of taking the risk of surrendering to the unknown.

Jupiter is also in Virgo, closely conjunct Venus and opposing Chiron, asking us to uncover the deeper meaning, truth and wisdom behind what’s happening on the physical. What is the story your body is telling you? Can you TRUST your body’s wisdom and guidance?

keep-calm-and-love-your-body (2)Channeling this Taurus Full Moon, Clarissa Pinkola Estes asks: “Suppose… the body is a God in its own right, a teacher, a mentor, a certified guide? Then what? …. Are we strong enough to refute the party line and listen deep, listen true to the body as a powerful and holy being?” (Women Who Run with the Wolves)

I know, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the holiness of the body. Last week I was laid-out with a stomach flu, in bed curled up in the fetal position, or kneeling on the bathroom floor, kitty litter sticking to my pajamas, dry-heaving into the toilet. Not feeling so holy. The flu hit the day before the start of the Venus Revolution Immersion, and I had to surrender my Virgo agenda for perfect planning and promotion.

Thanks to my amazing healer friend Katie Todd, who responded to my SOS and played Chiron in Pisces for me, I was able to drop into the feelings fueling the symptoms. I got in touch with the part of me that felt unworthy and inadequate. The part of me that just needed to cry and feel held and loved in all my messy humanness, my vulnerability. Once I let go of resistance, I could recognize the perfection of my body, the perfection of the illness that got me to slow down, feel and uncover these deeper wounds calling for attention.

To get more specific about what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 3 degrees Taurus. The areas of life represented by that house are where you’re invited to: slow down and tune into your body’s guidance and wisdom; let go of what no longer feels nourishing or aligned with your values; heal wounds around self-love and self-worth; come out of “survival mode” and open to receiving more support; take steps to create more pleasure, beauty and love.

– Emily Trinkaus

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