taurus new moon

collage by Emily

I’ve been having to slow WAAAYY down, cancel or reschedule many appointments, feeling behind on all sorts of things (the to-do list just keeps growing)… How about you?

Mercury will turn Retrograde on Monday (May 18, 6:49pm Pacific), though we’ve been “in the shadow” – i.e., under the influence – since May 4. And this has felt like a particularly noticeable shadow period, replete with techno-glitches, miscommunications and mental confusion, perhaps because the Messenger God is in its home sign of Gemini.

As Mercury stands still in the sky preparing to reverse directions (or appearing to, from our earthly perspective), we’re advised to do the same – to slow down, hit the pause button on our busy lives, and take time to reflect and simply BE.

For the next three weeks, until June 11, Mercury Retro is ideal for turning inward, reviewing and resolving past issues, and rethinking how you want to move forward. Generally speaking, this is not the best time to launch a brand-new project or life direction. Now IS the time to back up computer data, take care of any car maintenance or repairs, and double-check all travel-related details.

mercury retrograde

Hermes/Mercury pausing to reflect

In Gemini, the sign that rules the mind, this Mercury Retro puts an extra emphasis on rewiring perception – we have the opportunity to release old belief systems that block us from seeing clearly in present time, and to get new and useful perspectives that can help us resolve challenging situations. We’re more likely to get these “ahas” by softening our minds, being receptive and open to intuitive insights, rather than through logical analysis or looking outside ourselves for answers.

Tonight’s New Moon in Taurus (9:14pm Pacific) is infused with the Retro vibe, meaning that, while the New Moon typically inspires a new beginning, this lunar cycle may be more about REnewing.  Here are some thoughts about how to combine these Mercury Retro/Taurus New Moon energies:

– realign with your values and priorities
– rewire your perceptions about money, security and abundance
– recommit to your creativity
– reawaken pleasure, sensuality and beauty
– reconnect with your body’s wisdom and with the Earth
– regenerate self-love and self-worth
– restore self-care practices
– release feelings of lack, scarcity and being in “survival mode”

Because of the void-of-course Moon, the best times for setting intentions and working your New Moon magical mojo will be between May 18 at 2:27am and May 19 at 10:57am (Pacific time). For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 26 degrees Taurus. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: reconsider and realign with your values and priorities; reevaluate your needs and release what is not truly nurturing or supportive; restore a sense of abundance.

For more insight into what this Mercury Retro means for you, find the house or houses containing 4-13 degrees Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house (or houses) are where you’re invited to: revisit and resolve old business; reconnect with people from your past; release old beliefs and rewire perceptions; use your intuition to access a shift in perspective.

– Emily Trinkaus

NORWACDear fellow/sister astro-geeks – I’m speaking at NORWAC (Northwest Astro-Conference) in Seattle next weekend. If you’re there, please say hello!