scorpio full moon

collage by Emily

This super-charged lunar cycle started with the Aries New Moon on April 18 and will peak at Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio (8:42pm Pacific). At the New Moon, Scorpio’s modern ruler Pluto, God/Goddess of the Underworld, turned Retrograde, suggesting that our courageous new beginnings required a purge of old patterns and energies.

The Plutonian purging theme continues and culminates at the Scorpio Full Moon, which lights up the basement of the subconscious and reveals inner blocks to creativity and growth. Where have you lost your power, passion and vitality?  Where are you playing it safe and not playing your edge? What do you need to let go of so you can create what you really want?

Taurus-Scorpio themes amplified at this Full Moon include power, money and resources, intimacy and sexuality (just a few light areas…), and the tension between holding on and letting go, control and surrender. The Scorpio Full Moon also illuminates our shadows, the parts of ourselves we’ve rejected, suppressed, denied or disowned.

Jupiter in Leo tightly squares the Full Moon, stirring up the potential for reactivity, melodrama and over-indulgence. Since the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all in fixed signs, there’s also the possibility of going into stuckness and stubbornness. The higher potential here is to surrender to the wisdom of the heart, and allow it to guide us through the Scorpionic intensity and into a deeper state of trust, intimacy and authenticity.

scorpio full moonMost appropriately, Nelys the Alchemist showed up when I asked the faeries for insight into this Full Moon (Scorpio is the High Priestess of Alchemy). “When things are stuck and movement has become impossible, Nelys firmly waves her rowan wand and things happen in ourselves and in the world.” However! When I picked Nelys, her card was reversed:

You may be getting in Nelys’s way as she does her work. To put it bluntly, you may be the main obstacle in your own path. It may be necessary to transform attitudes and behaviors. She will first approach you with tact and a kindly faery warning, pointing out an alternate path you might try. At this point, it would be well to begin actively cooperating with her energy of alchemical transformation.” (Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle)

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this Full Moon coincides with Beltane – the Venusian high holyday celebrating fertility. Beltane was traditionally honored by making love in the fields to bless the crops. Although often celebrated on May 1, Beltane marks the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, and occurs when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus, on May 5. This Full Moon is ideal for working some sex magic and Earth magic – get creative, people. At the very least, send a dose of mega-love and gratitude to your favorite home planet.

If you have some astro-technical know-how, you can discover more about what this Full Moon means for YOU by finding the house in your birth chart that contains 13 degrees Scorpio. The areas of your life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  regenerate, transform, heal and “let go to grow;” surrender control so that more power can come through; explore the depths and reveal your secrets; share your vulnerability and deepen intimacy.

– Emily Trinkaus

scorpio full moonCalling all priestesses! Want support for navigating these transformational Full Moon energies? Join energy-healing genius Katie Todd and me on Friday (or by recording) for our Full Moon Galactivation! All women are welcome, and this is a teleclass, so you just need a phone or interweb connection to participate. Details here.