libra lunar eclipse

collage by Emily

The Equinox-infused Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20 launched us into a high-intensity lunar cycle – and a new astro-year – and now we’re approaching the culmination of that cycle, a Libra Lunar Eclipse on April 4 (5:07am Pacific).

A Lunar Eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon, so emotions are running high, and there’s a pressure-cooker kind of feeling. What’s been submerged in the subconscious rises up, demanding to be seen, felt, released, transformed, healed or simply held in love. This Lunar Eclipse carries a bonus dose of intensity as it activates the Uranus-Pluto square. Wildly unpredictable, sometimes shocking Uranian energies are swirling about while we’re simultaneously pulled into the underworldly depths of our Plutonian shadows.

In Libra, this Eclipse points to relationship-land as a primary arena for change, growth, healing, awakening, shadow-dancing and quantum-leaping. Libra is not only about romantic partnership but signifies how we relate to “the other,” the dynamic of projection. We’re being asked to work VERY consciously and carefully in this realm, especially over the next week.

The line-up of Mercury, the Sun and Uranus all conjunct the Aries South Node suggests a strong potential for reactivity, the kind of reactivity that poisons relationships and curses the people you care about, while of course hurting yourself in the process. Strong words, I know, but last night I asked the fairies for insight into this Eclipse (via Brian Froud’s deck, The Faeries’ Oracle), and got The Soul Shrinker. Here are some of his words of wisdom:

libra lunar eclipse

The Soul Shrinker, from Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle

The distasteful task of the Soul Shrinker is to observe what we say to and about others, especially the mean, nasty, and unnecessarily critical things. By observing our behavior this way, he reflects it back to us…. Critical and malicious thoughts and words are having a detrimental effect on the situation and the people involved in it. Steps need to be taken to banish this curse energy through love and compassion – or at the very least, through forgiveness… One of the things usually involved here is taking responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings rather than blaming others for the way we are. Another part of this process is to learn to be compassionate toward ourselves. If we can do that, it is much easier not to be horrible to and about others.

Libra is an Air sign, the mental realm, and before we can see clearly what is just or fair or righteous in any situation, we need to bring our inner scales into balance, to come into the state that Marianne Williamson calls “divine neutrality.” The Eclipsed Moon conjunct the Libra North Node advises us that the best way forward, the path of our highest soul growth, is to pause, turn inward, and access this state of inner balance and neutrality before we attempt to change anything or anyone “out there.”

Transformation is not about wishing something different would happen,” Marianne Williamson said in this week’s Monday livestream, “but about looking at it from a different point of view.” Although she didn’t say anything about astrology, her talk was all about this Eclipse, and she gave great advice for how to break out of the illusion of separation and return to unconditional love and peace – high-vibration Libra.

venus evening star

Venus, photo by Rick Schmidt

The presiding deity of this Eclipse is Venus, ruler of Libra, who is now in Taurus, her other home sign. Venus in Taurus points to self-love and self-worth as the foundation for healthy relationships with others. I know for myself, when I go into judgment and comparison, it’s because I’m feeling insecure, I’ve lost touch with my own worthiness. Venus in earthy, sensual Taurus says that self-love is not just a nice idea, it’s a practice – a daily practice of caring for our bodies, nurturing ourselves with simple pleasures, tending to ourselves as the sacred vessels we are.

If you’re feeling the Eclipse freak-out, Venus in Taurus says: slow down, do something kind for your body, play in the dirt, put your bare feet on the ground, hug a tree, eat some root vegetables, contemplate the beauty of a flower or sunset or Venus herself high and bright in the evening sky.

For more insight into what this Lunar Eclipse means for you, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Libra. The areas of life signified by that house are where: change is brewing, volatile energy is erupting, and something from the past is coming to culmination, fruition or completion; where you’re being called to recalibrate your scales and return to peace, love, balance and “divine neutrality”; where awareness of and owning your projections can lead to deep healing and a greater sense of personal power.

– Emily Trinkaus

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