Since the fall of 2011, I’ve apprenticed myself to Venus. Feeling the call of the Divine Feminine, like many others at this time, but not really knowing WTF that meant, I set out to get to know the Goddess. As an astrologer, my starting point was Venus, associated with the Divine Feminine for thousands of years.

I’ve kept this work mostly behind the scenes these past years, as I delved into what I referred to as my “Venus Project.” My research has ranged from scholarly to up-close-and-personal, and has included diverse sources – historical, fictional, channeled and mythological. Along the way, I’ve studied the Priestess Path with Elayne Doughty, the Sacredly Sexual Priestess with Jennifer Posada and Anaiya Sophia, and feminine power with Lucia René.

While I feel blessed to have learned from many amazing writers and teachers, my most powerful teacher on the path has been Venus Herself. If the Divine Feminine is indeed reemerging, then we are the agents for Her reemergence. I’ve discovered the power and magic of aligning with Venus’ cycles and rhythms, and letting Her be the guide for how the Divine Feminine wants to be expressed through us. When we align with Venus, we reawaken our ancient Priestess power, becoming conduits for the Goddess.


Venus and the crescent Moon

In following Venus through her signs and phases, we deepen into the multi-faceted expressions of the Divine Feminine. While conventional astrology limits Venus to the planet of love, beauty and relationship, my exploration has taken me into a much broader range of ancient Venusian archetypes.

The fruits of my Venusian labors are ready to emerge in the world, in the form of the Venus Revolution. The purpose of any revolution is liberation, and the Venus Revolution liberates the feminine from old patriarchal and new “new age” constraints – expanding the possibilities of what it means to live as a Goddess and a Modern Priestess.

I’m offering a 4-month immersion for women Venus Revolution: Turn On Your Priestess Power – which starts this Friday, March 27. The immersion will include 10 live video classes (which you can also access by recording), fun and creative Venusian assignments between classes, and participation in a private Facebook group. There’s also an upgrade option for one-on-one sessions with me during the course.

venus revolution

Venus and the crescent Moon

Last Sunday I presented a free Venus Revolution preview call, which introduced Venus as a transmitter for Divine Feminine energies, and also discussed how to work with Venus in Her current phase, Rising through the 4th Gate. I received some sweet feedback: “I just love ‘seeing’ you all lit up and full of passion.  Your energy on the call and the wisdom and clarity you shared was inspiring!” and “Thank you so much for such an incredible and deep Venus lesson.” And my Mom said, “Great call! You did great, as usual!” (Thanks, Mom!) You can listen to the recording here (if you’re not seeing the audio player, find it here):


A beautiful group of Sisters from around the planet are gathering – do you feel called to enter the Temple of Venus Revolution?

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photo by Debbie Baxter

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