leo full moon

collage by Emily

Is time extra-weird right now, or what? One minute I’m feeling like, how did it get to be February already? And the next minute I can’t believe it’s still winter. The future is calling us, the past wants to be cleared and healed, and it seems like the hardest place to be is in the present.

The upcoming Leo Full Moon (Tuesday, 3:10 pm Pacific) calls us back to present time to realign with and re-anchor ourselves in the heart – the part of the body ruled by Leo. “When we are disconnected from the pulse of our heart,” writes Christine Page, “we forget that we are immortal magicians and we readily relinquish our wand and our power.” (2012 and the Galactic Center)

Page describes the heart as the “transformer” that bridges spirit and matter, that makes it possible to bring our ideals and visions into physical reality: “When I am living in the present [in the heart], I am immersed in eternal possibilities while experiencing the finite wherever I choose to pay attention at that moment in time.

This lunar cycle kicked off with the sparky, visionary, future-oriented Aquarius New Moon on January 20, and just a day later, Mercury – also in Aquarius – turned Retrograde. Our big assignment for this cycle is to rethink, rework, realign with, restore, etc. our future vision, and to release what’s blocking us from living in the flow of truth, freedom and authenticity. Aquarian arenas of community, friendship, teamwork, and the unique gifts we have to share with the world are also up for Retrograde reevaluation.

leo full moon

painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

All this airy, brainiacal, potentially insomniacal Aquarian energy (extra-fueled by Uranus in Aries on the South Node – see my last post) now wants to be balanced by the Leo Full Moon. The Moon conjoins with expansive Jupiter, amping up the Leonine fire. The Full Moon is the emotional peak of the month, and while the shadow side of mega-Leo-activation could look like melodrama, childishness and willfulness, the higher side is mucho creative power. The key, of course, is whether or not we’re centered in our hearts.

Oh and another key – are we giving ourselves the love, attention, validation and approval we want and need, or are we trying to get that from other people? Leo is the sign of children and our inner child, and this Full Moon brings us into wounded child territory, forming a close quincunx (150-degree angle) to both Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces. Potentially stirred up and ripe for healing are the kinds of childhood wounds that resulted in a fear of shining, and even a fear of being seen. There’s also the fear of being different, the fear of standing out and being successful (“no one will love me if I’m exuberantly happy and creating the life of my dreams”), and the fear of failure (“I’ll look like a fool if I try and fail”).

Chiron is part of a whole Pisces party (astro-technically, a stellium) that includes Neptune, Venus and Mars. Translation? In addition to the feisty fire of the Leo Full Moon, we’ve also got a whole lot of WATER – meaning that we need time simply BE and FEEL and let ourselves melt a bit (tears are good). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and part of its job is to dissolve the past, to cleanse and purify in preparation for rebirth. Coinciding with the Leo Full Moon, this is about softening defenses around the heart, releasing those old heart-wounds, so we’re able to come more fully into the present and access more creative power.

To get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: feel into your heart’s authentic desires; courageously commit to your creativity and passion; heal childhood wounds and fears around letting your light shine; and deepen into, open up to, and radiate more LOVE.

– Emily Trinkaus

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