cancer full moon

collage by Emily

What wants to be born through you in 2015? Saturn’s shift from deep-diving Scorpio to intergalactic Sagittarius (as of December 23 – can I get an amen??) says we are ready to EXPAND.

The transition from Scorpio to Sag is like coming up out of the basement and seeing a great big world out there, a land of adventure and opportunity. Saturn in Sag wants you to clarify your vision and take responsibility for bringing it into reality. What would it look like to become the biggest, most bad-ass version of your true self?

The Solstice-flavored Capricorn New Moon on December 21 initiated a very ambitious lunar cycle, and now we’re in the field of Sunday’s equally ambitious – and potentially very cranky – Cancer Full Moon (8:54 pm PST). The first Full Moon of 2015 is a major kick in the booty to power up your New Year and clear blocks to manifesting your big vision.

Cancer wants safety, security and the comfort of the familiar, but this Full Moon activates the Uranus-Pluto square, taking you WAY out of your comfort zone and asking you to break free from the old emotional and ancestral patterning that keeps you stuck “playing small” in an outworn version of yourself.

cancer full moonNot only are the Sun and Moon making very tight hard angles to Uranus and Pluto, the Full Moon also precisely squares the Nodal axis (Nodes of the Moon), while Uranus sits on the Aries South Node. Translation? A karmic clearing that stirs up emotional volatility, irritability, anxiety and general crabbiness.

Take time to move through the FEELINGS instead of thinking you have to immediately DO something to relieve the pressure. Avoid taking action from fear-based, reptilian-brain reactivity. Practice being with yourself exactly where you are, soften your defenses, and offer yourself as an empty vessel to the flow of creation. Wait until you feel clarity and excitement about how to move forward. Cancer is a watery, feminine, process-oriented sign that says: how you do it is what you get.

While Cancer can tend to take it all VERY personally, this Uranian-Plutonian activation wants you to go big-picture, connect with your Galactic self, and get your ego out of the way so you can be a conduit for the Great Mother Goddess to create through you. As outer planets, Uranus and Pluto require surrender and trust – trust that what the Multiverse has in mind for you is so much more awesome than what your “small self” can conceive of and plan for.

If you’ve got a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU. Find the house in your chart that contains 14 degrees Cancer. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: shake up and transform your attachments to safety, security and comfort; feel and heal old emotional, familial and ancestral patterns; soften your defenses, get your ego out of the way, and open to a greater creative flow.

– Emily Trinkaus

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